The digital world is rapidly evolving as new technologies, automated processes and innovative services enable a personalised experience for every customer.

Experts in Technology

According to 'The Challenge of Speed', recently published by Ricoh/Economist Intelligence Unit, CEOs in financial services see technology as a key issue, with 49% agreeing they have to 'adopt new technologies faster' as their number one priority ahead of attracting new customers or changing business processes.

Experts in Risk Management

Following the global credit crisis, the Banking and Financial Services sector has had to review risk management policies. Increasing regulation and legislation is forcing organisational change.

Experts in Regulatory & Compliance

As banks and other financial institutions respond to Basel III, it is clear that the regulatory and legislative landscape has not settled, as more regulation and legislation is planned over the next eighteen months.

Experts in Quantitative Research & Strategy

Quantitative Research & Analytics has been at the forefront of the rapid evolution of technology, which over the last decade has led to a reliance on computer-driven trading.

Experts in Middle Office

The Banking and Financial Services sector is facing the dual challenge of growth, whilst having to deliver change in the way it works. As the global economy continues to recover, new markets emerge and consumer confidence and spending is increasing.

Experts in HR & Procurement

Celebrating our 20 year anniversary in 2015 in working in the Banking and Financial Services sector, we understand the role that HR and procurement professionals play.

Working across the Banking and Financial Services sector, we recognise that the war for talent is intense. Whilst there are a number of skills shortages across the sector, the demand for top talent- people that can drive businesses forward and contribute to the bottom line-has never been greater. This is particularly true across front office disciplines.

Against a backdrop of global skill shortages in finance, over nine out of ten employers in the Banking and Financial Services sector are now reporting hiring difficulties.

Skill shortages for actuarial and underwriting professionals have long been recognised and understood.

Experts in Quantitative Research & Strategy

London has emerged as the global capital of wealth, technology & research. It is this hotbed of talent that is the driving force behind some of the most advanced teams within the Hedge Fund and Investment Banking space.