The Rise of Automation in Dubai

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Over the last decade, Dubai has been going through a digital transformation, with many IT areas such as Automation, Cyber Security and Data Analytics rapidly evolving to keep up with the times. The rapid growth in the area of automation has been accelerated by powerful new technologies and robotics that have contributed to the expansion within the industry. The overall rise in automation has signified a massive potential opportunity for economic growth, with automation also leading the way in terms of emerging tech jobs in Dubai for 2020.

Dubai has been undergoing a technology boom for the past decade and automation is most definitely a rising segment. So, what exactly are the technologies and other factors making this possible? Alexandra Haydn-Higgins, Key Account Manager of Cyber Security Contracts at Huxley, took us through the possible reasons for this rapid evolution.


Various technologies contributing to growth

The main technologies we hear about are without a doubt, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. However, advanced robotics are also completely revolutionising the way we live as a whole and can be seen in our workplaces, our education systems and in our extended communities. Automation has slowly made it's way over from our American and European counterparts and although it has been less rapid to take off here in Dubai, the adoption of such technologies has most definitely spiked as of late.


Emerging jobs centred on automation

Over the last 12-18 months in particular in Dubai, many of the big companies have begun to invest in automation. They have started implementing the use of software robots that provide automation for more menial tasks, therefore giving actual working professionals at these organisations more capacity to focus on the more creative side of things. Rather than simply replacing these jobs, the evidence is suggesting that this rise in automation will create more jobs that are focused on this area. For example, employment-based social media giant LinkedIn has determined that the number one emerging role for 2020 in Dubai is an AI specialist. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning go hand in hand with innovation and LinkedIn data has shown that this is more than just a phase. In fact, hiring growth for this role has grown by 74% annually over the past 4 years and encompasses various titles within this space. One to watch for sure this New Year!


The RPA robot continues to thrive

Globally, the RPA (Robot Process Automation) software market is expanding at an extensively rapid pace. RPA robots are traditionally focused on replicating repetitive tasks normally carried out by humans. The major plus is that they can complete these tasks much more quickly and follow strict protocols religiously. This also allows you to gather vast amounts of data efficiently, which can then be plugged into specific data analytics technology to analyse it properly. When you eventually have data that is usable, you can then utilise it to create AI processes (those chat bots that religiously pop up when you’re browsing internet shopping sites). They can also become increasingly adept at reading and understanding certain documentation, but only in very rules orientated fashion. Due to rapidly increasing AI algorithms, the robots in question will be able to add immense value to any organization in which they are operating. RPA bots are slowly becoming more adaptable to working on less autonomous projects also, as their skills and abilities improve and evolve in line with technological advancements.     


Benefits to employees from the AI revolution

There is no need for individuals to fear that the rise of automation is simply set out to take their jobs. Technological improvements and enhancements such as these benefits society as a whole. It boosts productivity and saves time daily, yet confusion and concerns still exist as to how there’s room for both bots and increased automation, as well as working professionals who are performing similar tasks and undertaking similar jobs. The bots in question are not here to take people’s jobs, as may be the common preconception, but to take away the mundane aspects of a role – therefore freeing up employees time to focus on more meaningful tasks. There is a massive appetite among some of the larger companies in Dubai right now for digital transformation and RPA (Robot Process Automation), therefore meaning that more career opportunities than ever are cropping up throughout the industry within areas such as sales, customer success, consultancy, and development.


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