The most rewarding part of recruitment

A change in your career is one of the biggest decisions you can make, whether you’re moving away from a large company or returning to work after an extended break. Perhaps you’re changing industries or you’re looking for your dream job. Our recruiters are aware of the impact such a career move can have on someone’s life, which is why they treasure the relationship they have with their candidates, during and after the actual placement.

Someone who’s going the extra mile when building long lasting relationships with her customers is Georgina Beavis, Senior Recruitment Consultant at Huxley in Sydney, Australia. Huxley is part of the SThree Group, working across multiple industries from banking and finance to IT.

We asked Georgina what she finds most rewarding about her job as a recruiter and her favourite story of finding someone the perfect role.

“That’s where my job satisfaction comes from.”

Georgina says the people, the variety and the challenge are what she loves most about her job.

“Recruitment is all about building relationships with clients, candidates and colleagues; it’s these relationships that help you succeed. One of the areas I find most rewarding is providing support after placing candidates.”

“While some recruitment agencies don’t keep in touch with managers or candidates, it’s these relationships that are the most rewarding. It always feels great to get someone a job but following up to ensure they are doing well and enjoying the role you got them – that’s where my job satisfaction comes from,” says Georgina.

Working in modern recruitment

“Recruitment is never static, it’s a changing market and rarely are two days the same. This means you’ll learn something new almost every day - whether it’s about a new technology, a market trend or information about our customers,” says Georgina.

“Traditionally, working with recruitment companies was more transactional in its nature, and this is still the case for some of these companies. However, at Huxley, we’re striving to add more and more value for our customers.”

“Our value is in the strength of our long-term relationships, which are being developed before, during and after the recruitment process. Having a deeper understanding of the teams and companies we work with enables us to provide insights into the interview process, which takes the stress out of the process for our customers and increases interview success.”

“Our Contractor Care Programme ensures a personalised service with ongoing feedback and support. This means we don’t just support candidates in the lead up to starting with a new company, but once they have started we provide post placement support as well.”

“Some of our contract employees don’t always have scheduled performance reviews or KPIs and, in these cases, we’re able to work with managers to provide feedback around performance. This can reduce any concerns and ensures they are meeting expectations,” says Georgina.

A niche role in a niche market

Two years ago, Georgina received a call from a company in search of a new employee with experience in a niche reporting tool, Spotfire.

Georgina told us, “After a lot of resourcing and networking, I was able to fill the role within a few days, but it was a week later when I received a second call from another candidate who had been working with Spotfire for over 10 years, I knew I had an exciting challenge on my hands.”

“The new candidate had been working as the Principal Consultant for the company who built the software and was available immediately - he would have been perfect for the previous role if it was still open. Knowing that this candidate was probably the most experienced person in Australia and how niche the tool was, I set out to find him a job.”

“After countless conversations with a number of managers, interviews and roles where funding was pulled, I was unsure of my next move.”

Georgina continues, “Around a week later, I met with a manager to get some feedback on a candidate I had placed in her team. Afterwards, she started telling me about how they were starting to use a niche reporting tool that was very rare - it was called Spotfire.”

“At that moment I pitched my candidate as the number one Spotfire consultant in Australia and booked him in an interview. Two weeks later he started his new job as their Spotfire SME and he’s still there today, two years later.”

Find the job you love today with one of our clients on our website or join Georgina’s recruitment team in Australia within the SThree Group by browsing Sydney jobs on our SThree Careers Website.

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