Top 10 of most aspirational LinkedIn influencers in Tech.

We have selected our top 10 of most aspirational LinkedIn influencers in Tech. See examples of how to get engaged on LinkedIn. Get inspired by the latest industry developments and learn from the best. You could be following in their career footsteps soon. Enjoy!

Top 10

1. Manu Goswami
CEO SuperFan Inc.

Why he is worth following: At the age of only 20, this spirited, renowned tech entrepreneur has won several awards. Manu is TedX speaker, has relentless enthusiasm and actual experience in setting up businesses since he was a young child. When you consider that he is already named in over 50 national and international media titles, amongst which Forbes magazine, one can only imagine what he is capable of in the future.

2. Lisa Seacat Deluca
Distinguished Engineer with IBM Watson Internet of Things

Why she is worth following:  She is one of the most influential women in IoT and a fond speaker at tech conferences where she is all hearts on innovation. Lisa often shares her experience as a woman in tech and has over 600+ patent applications. Fun fact is that Lisa wrote two children’s books named  "A Robot Story" and “The Internet of Mysterious Things.”

3. Naomi Simson
Co-Founder Big Red Group

Why she is worth following:  With experience working at Google, Apple and KPMG just to name a few, she is a woman with substantial experience and knowledge. Naomi Simson is a LinkedIn influencer with nearly 880K followers. She sets the leadership example with endless eagerness to learn and develop herself even further. In terms of branding she offers an online course, ‘Branding your Business Brand,’ offering you insights in what can make your business a successful brand.

4. Tim O’Reilly
Founder and CEO O’Reilly Media

Why he is worth following: He is the one who builds bridges from tech to communication, he captures early innovations right in the beginning and helps to propel them into the world. Tim O’Reilly has an eye for trends and their (often huge) potential before they have even seen the light. He triggers debate with his books and articles, which genuinely urge his public to think about the future and the influence tech has on it. We may call him a visionary. Need we say more?

5. Marques Brownlee
Web Video Producer

Why he is worth following: He’s not the most active LinkedIn influencer but he has a very large audience on Youtube on which he regularly posts videos about the latest tech and gadgets. He has worked with Tesla and Nike before, definitely a sensation to watch.

6. Gary Vaynerchuck

Why he is worth following: He is one of the earliest adopters of social media. He has built an influential network in the meantime, is one of the most sought-after public speakers, hosts online Q&A’s and documentaries on the life of a CEO in the digital era. He is also a 5 time bestselling author, his latest book ‘How Great Entrepreneurs Build Business and Influence-and How You Can, Too’ is definitely worth a read!

7. Linus Sebastian
Entrepreneur, Youtuber

Why he is worth following: From building computers to hardware reviews and fun and engaging video marketing. Linus video’s get over 200.000.000 views, he knows his industry extremely well.

8. Marie Forleo
Blogger, vlogger, entrepreneur

Why she is worth following: Marie hosts podcasts and webshows to help you to build your business in combination with life balance. She regularly posts on topics such as what you can charge for your service, tips on starting a freelance business and make the most of your talent.

9. Vivek Wadhwa
Distinguished Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University College of Engineering

Why he is worth following: Somewhat future focussed, or is it the now? Vivek writes about tech, the future of it, women’s accomplishments in tech, and Elon Musk. He triggers debate and creates food for thought.

10. Susan Etlinger
Industry analyst, keynote speaker

Why she is worth following: She is a must know top writer, does TED Talks and is frequent keynote speaker on universities around the world. Her favourite topics include big data, digital ethics and artificial intelligence.

We may conclude that these influencers are chasing their dreams and work with the best tooling. Get the most out of your passion, work with the latest tech and the most rewarding jobs by checking out our latest job opportunities or get in touch to discuss what we can do for you.

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