Diversity in Recruitment

Huxley works with a wide range of global consultancy networks, high-profile companies, and specialist teams that recruit diverse talent. In doing so, we understand the intrinsic value of having a diverse workforce. As well as an environment that’s more creative and inclusive, which, from our experience, gives the companies we work with a competitive edge.

Our teams receive expert training and dedicated resources, giving you a recruitment solution that empowers diversity, and a consultation service that’s tailored to your needs. Our teams have an unbiased recruitment process that actively contributes to diverse thinking, inclusive culture, and the success of your company. We provide qualified expertise, world-class databases and recommend processes that mitigate the risk of unconscious bias. This allows you to create a culture of inclusion and a diverse workforce.

In addition, we have professional multi-language writers develop job advertisements to attract the highest calibre of diverse talent for your company. Our consultants regularly attend training programmes, external events, seminars, and educational initiatives to ensure we deliver the latest news and insight on diversity in recruitment and support you with sustainable hiring practices.

In Australia, we organise and host a series of Women in STEM to support, engage, encourage and inspire women and men alike within STEM to embrace the challenges and successes of diversity. This is an example of the many diversity events that Huxley organises all around the world. 

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