How can tech pros expand their digital network?

Right now, you might find that you haves some extra time on your hands, and just we recently shared some tips on how you can take your coding career to the next level with some free tools. But how do you then convey these skills to your network? Below we've outlined some of our top tips to help you expand your digital network.

When it comes to traditional networking, you’ll probably picture crowded event halls filled with industry professionals engaging in small talk and swapping business cards. But as we know, this method of networking simply isn’t possible at the moment. And no one can be sure when the world of events will return to some semblance of normality. But that doesn’t mean you should pause all professional networking activity – in fact, there’s probably never been a better time to build connections and get closer to your network.  

Get creative with LinkedIn 

This might be a bit obvious, but just in case you’ve been spending the last few years coding away without a break - LinkedIn is the world's go-to professional networking tool. And pre-pandemic, if you were on it, it’s likely you’ll have already been creating connections with like-minded individuals. But now is the time to really ramp up your online presence to keep you in people's mind and a recognisable contributor in your fieldTake a look at some of our other digital insights created exclusively for tech experts like you!

Join user groups

There’s loads of LinkedIn community groups or community meet-ups for tech professionals that allow you to engage with like-minded pros. See which ones look the most interesting within your specialism and join them. These groups allow you to start conversations about things you’re passionate about and organically build connections this way. 

Build your personal brand with engaging content 

LinkedIn is the perfect platform to really craft your own brand and let it shine. There are so many great ways that you can do this. LinkedIn Publisher is a great resource here, allowing you to publish your thoughts on whatever you think will resonate with your audience – maybe you want to share some super technical thoughts on a new update? Or maybe you have a strong opinion regarding diversity within the technology workplace?  

Whatever you have to say, penning down your words is a great way to showcase yourself as a thought leader within the technology space. 

Share, share, share 

Writing not really your thing? Don’t worry! There’s a whole worldwide web of content out there – every time you read a blog or watch a video that sparks your interest, share it with your connections. Better still, add a brief note in your post about how you feel on the issue – you don’t need to be an award-winning author to engage your network with first class content. 

Get involved in the conversation 

Now isn’t the time to stay quiet – if your connections are posting about relevant information, jump into the conversation by commenting on their posts. Not only does this showcase your expertise on relevant topics, but it will vastly increase your reach to a whole new pool of people. 

Right now, there’s a great opportunity for you to broaden your network and grasp a whole new bunch of opportunities – don’t miss out! And if you want to know more about our current vacancies have a look at our job search.

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