Webinar: Ethical and Responsible AI

Watch this webinar replay and learn more on the Ethical part of the use of data and models used on the labour market and recruitment.

Based on concrete use cases in Public employment service, Vincent is going through the Ethical part of the use of data and models used on the labour market and recruitment.

How to detect human bias and prevent them ?

What is the role of AI in the recruitment and public employment services?

How to put in place responsible AI ?

Why is it important to put in place responsible and ethical AI within your organisation ?

Target audience

Functional: HR , recruitment, hiring managers, organisations starting with AI models having impact on people, public institutions

Data scientists, Big data people, AI responsible, general managers responsible for discrimination and ethics, sustainable specialist, diversity specialists.

Vincent Buekenhout, Independent DPO at VDAB.

Leader in the ethics of artificial intelligence (Digital Ethicist) and discriminating biases.

Consultant and expert in Data Governance, Big Data and Data strategy. Implementation of data roadmap, Corporate Data Model, data governance and information security program.

Dad and sportsman, passionate about wine and reading.

During his career, Vincent has acquired over 20 years of experience in providing IT and security services. Vincent worked as a Program Manager on GDPR compliance and information security.

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