Podcast - Recruitment & Staffing Market Insights in the IT sector

In our new series of SThree Podcast we are interviewing the business manager of each brands part of SThree group on a regular basis in order to share their market expertise with you! In the first episode we talked with Kevin Melckmans (from Progressive Recruitment) about the trends in the engineering sector. 

In this second episode, Diane Liegey, Sales Team Manager at Huxley in Belgium shares the current trends she is seeing in the IT industry. Listen to the full episode below and stay tuned for the next ones! 👇

[00:22 - 01:14] Today in the second episode of this series, we will talk with Diane Liegey, the team manager covering the IT sector at Huxley. But before we jump right in, Diane, could you introduce yourself to everyone and tell us about your role at Huxley?

I’m Hands-on Sales team manager so I help drive activities in terms of client development/retention as well as delivery on the job requests/projects. On top of this, and by hands-on, I mean that I am also part of these activities in that I manage my own client portfolio and the recruitment associated to it.

[01:15 - 02:31] Can you tell us more about Huxley, the services that you are offering and the sectors you cover?

We are with 17 sales recruiters and we have a vertical market approach as well as a client centric approach. It means that each sales recruiter is specialized in a vertical market within IT, but also get the opportunity to manage a client account and coordinate with colleagues the delivery on the different requests.

For example: a recruiter is specialized in IT security profiles, he/she covers all the requests within his/ her client in IT security, but was also given the challenge to expand the opportunity at the client for colleagues on other markets. Successfully, he/she has now been able to open up new doors within the client in data, development, infrastructure, etc

In terms of professional sector, historically we’ve had a focus on the financial industry (Banking, Insurance, Fintechs etc) and we have evolved over the year in other sectors. Over the past year we have put a big focus on the energy sector as it’s a booming industry, even during the challenging period that we’ve been facing since last years.

[02:33 - 03:49] Which trends do you see at your clients since the pandemic started concerning way of working/processes?

Huge impact of remote working, many of our clients who were not flexible in letting their external IT consultants work from home, have now implemented a standard 2 days homeworking.

Another trend was remote onboarding and it’s has been more challenging for consultants than clients.

Clients have become more flexible in terms of talent insourcing, which has been beneficial for companies in finding niche profiles outside of Belgium. So talents not easy to find within the country boundaries of Belgium.

[03:50 - 05:24] Which profiles are in a high demand at the moment in the IT sector? 

  • Workplace profiles: engineers, projects managers, specialists.
  • Hybrid profiles:
    • Analysts & Project Managers à more subject matter expert project managers
    • Developers are requests to develop but can also analyse and review codes, be acquainted with testing practices as well as stakeholder management (to discuss with end clients)
  • Cloud technologies : all profiles requesting cloud technology knowledge (Azure)

[05:26 - 06:55] Which advice would you give to companies that are struggling finding the right talent in this competitive market?


As the market is picking up since beginning of the year, candidates have a lot of more opportunities and offers on the table than last year and the year before. Therefore time is of the essence, processes in terms of CV screenings and interviews need to be sharp and as limited in time as possible.

It is important to work with less recruitment companies but give more responsibility to the selected recruitment partner, and listen to the advises given in terms of reducing recruitment process length in order not to lose the right candidates.

86% of offers refused by candidates over H1, have been with companies that do 2 steps or more regarding the interview process, and that take more than 32 hours to get back to us with a final decision.

[06:56 - 07:56] You are obviously working with different hiring managers, do you see a red line in what's important in a candidate’s profile? Let’s not look at the hard skills that you see on the CV, but more the soft skills?

In line with the new way of working, we see that companies are more and more attentive to having proactive consultants.

What do we mean by proactive? By working from home, clients & managers have less “control” on what consultants are doing, and therefore a lot of trust is given when hiring a consultants nowadays. This trust comes with expectations and clients expect from consultants to be proactive in asking for more work than they are given as well as self-discipline in terms of delivery of their tasks.

[07:58 - 09:17] To conclude this podcast. How do you see Huxley evolving in the future?

Our end goal, is to retain our clients in the financial sector and energy, and expand within retail & pharma. We want to understand the key business drivers and current / future projects at our clients, to help anticipate their staffing needs and advise on the right profiles for their projects and select the right candidates at the right moment.

Whether you are looking for new career opportunities or for new talents, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our recruitment experts! 

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