Podcast - Recruitment & Staffing trends in Luxembourg

In our series of SThree Podcast we are interviewing the business manager of each brands part of SThree group on a regular basis in order to share their market expertise with you! In the first episode we talked with Kevin Melckmans (from Progressive Recruitment) about the trends in the engineering sector. In the second episode, Diane Liegey shared trends she was seeing in the IT industry in Belgium.

In this third episode, Marie Bianchi, Head of Huxley Luxembourg shares the current recruitment & staffing trends she is seeing in Luxembourg region. Listen to the full episode below! 👇

[00:25–01:14] Could you introduce yourself and tell us more about your role at Huxley?

I started my career in the recruitment industry 9 years ago and I have always been working for Huxley Luxembourg. Throughout my career, I have successfully led more than 200 recruitments. I first developed an expertise on the local accounting & finance market for 8 years before focusing on executive search and C-suite. My role also involves every typical responsibility a head of office has amongst which defining and implementing our strategy and managing our local team.

[01:15–02:16] Can you tell us more about Huxley, the services that you are offering and the sectors you cover?

We are 15 people in Luxembourg and every person has developed an expertise on one specific profile enabling us to understand our candidates’ work and advise them in their careers as well as understanding our clients’ challenges and be reactive when they need us.

Our goal is to build strong & long-standing partnerships with our customers which are ranging from large multinationals to innovative start-ups. We support them both on talent acquisition & management consultancy on IT and Finance profiles. We want to offer them a flexible solution whether they are looking for employees or external consultants. The same goes for our candidates, we can advise them depending on their career goals and expectations.

[02:17–03:15] Which trends do you see at your clients since the pandemic started concerning way of working/processes?

Most of our clients still use a hybrid solution (remote and office work) this can be also seen in their recruitment processes. Interviews used to be done exclusively via video conferences and we now see more and more companies proceeding to face to face interviews especially in the last steps of the recruitment process. We see the same switch on employees onboarding from remote onboarding to office onboarding.

[03:17–04:09] Which profiles are in a high demand at the moment in the IT sector?

The main requests we receive from our clients are in accounting & finance:

  • Financial accountants/controllers with an expertise in RE/PE


  • Cyberssecurity
  • Infrastructure (DevOps, SysOps, System Administrators)
  • Developers (Java, .NET)

Compliance professionals:

  • First line documents managements to analysts

These requests are both for external consultants and employees.

[04:11–06:01] Which advice would you give to companies that are struggling finding the right talent in this competitive market?

Most of the time I see three situations:

- Recruitment process not fast enough (candidates accepts offers at competition before they have time to go through the whole recruitment/decision process).

- Flexibility around salary/skills. Salary is not always possible to compromise (budget/coherence with company’s employees’ remuneration). Compromising on technical skills/background can be the best option is some cases, there will be some investment in terms of training and time but when you think about the time it sometimes takes companies to find the 100% matching profile who can be immediately operational, investing time in training a more junior profile is not a huge investment. It will also improve employee retention as not learning/no evolution is amongst the top 5 reasons why employees leave company.

- Employer branding, how companies are perceived. Longer term project but having a strong employer branding is key to attract and retain the right people.

And we are of course there to help.

[06:02–07:17] You are obviously working with different hiring managers, do you see a red line in what’s important in a candidate’s profile? Let’s not look at the hard skills that you see on the CV, but more the soft skills.

Covid has shown us that we are more than ever in a VUCA world. Adaptability is key, companies are looking for people who are flexible and open for change. Change is inevitable, employer are looking for people who will have a positive attitude towards it, who will be willing to develop new skills and also come with solutions.

“ We are looking for someone having good communication skills” . We often ear this sentence when we discuss with our clients the skills they are looking for in their future collaborator. Communication is complex as it involves many sub skills. You need to be a good listener, master your emotions, adapt the way you communicate to your audience just to mention a few.

Time management also often comes back. It requires a lot of self-discipline especially now that remote working has been implemented in most of the employers in Luxembourg. Once again time management is really broad: It can mean delegating for a manager, setting up goals, priorities and sticking to it.

[07:20–08:08] To conclude this podcast. How do you see Huxley evolving in the future?

Our goal for 2021 is to keep focus on our expertise (IT & Finance), talent acquisition & management consultancy. We want to maintain the long existing partnerships we have with our clients and candidates as well as be able to support new people in achieving their career goals and supporting them in their recruitment challenges.

Whether you are looking for new career opportunities or for new talents, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our recruitment experts! 

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