3 tips for improving your candidate journey

The candidate market is very competitive at the moment. Today they are available, tomorrow they will already have three offers. Your recruitment or HR department invest a lot of time and energy in selecting the best candidate. So in order to attract the best talent, you have to stand out.

What is a candidate journey?

A candidate journey includes all contact moments a candidate has in the application journey, from the first time they come into contact with your organisation to the first day at work. Their decision whether or not to choose a specific company or position is often made at the beginning of the journey. That’s why it is very important to be clear and transparent at all stages of the process. Clear communication, transparency and speed are the 3 key elements that can make the difference.

3 tips for improving your candidate journey

Candidates may simply refuse the continue with their application because of a slow process. How do you prevent candidates from dropping out during the application process?

Work with short rounds

Engage several colleagues in one interview and use a maximum of two interview rounds. This way candidates need to book less meetings and the process goes faster.

Schedule a video interview

Face-to-face interviews can be logistically challenging. A virtual interview is then the solution.

Give feedback the same day

In general, you will know immediately after the first interview whether you want to continue with a candidate or not. So don't make them wait too long, especially if it's almost the weekend, because you might lose the candidate in the meantime.

3 deal breakers for candidates

Are you making an offer? Then at least avoid these 3 common mistakes.

  1. The rate is too low
  2. The project/mission is too short or too long
  3. There is no reimbursement of travel expenses

You are looking for specific talents or do you need help regarding your candidate journey? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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