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Huxley's dedicated consultants provide recruitment services and expertise at every stage of your career. With our flexible 11-step recruitment process, you'll receive a proactive and informed service that's timely and  tailored to your needs. This process is aligned to our 7-step employer approach, ensuring your next job is with the companies you want to work with and that both you and the company have the right technical and cultural fit. Read more about our 11-step recruitment process below.

Permanent Positions

Huxley has dedicated consultants across the globe that work exclusively on permanent jobs for you. Our teams work within their specialist sector, so they have a comprehensive understanding of development opportunities, industry expertise, employer motivations, and sector trends across the permanent landscape. We’re committed to ensuring you’re ready to take the next step in your career and integrate effortlessly into your new company. Search for your sector below to find your next permanent job.

Banking and Finance | Engineering | IT 

Contractor Services

We take an all-inclusive approach to supporting you so that you benefit from the flexibility of being a contractor. As part of the SThree Group, Huxley has the infrastructure and resources to deliver contractor services including an efficient time sheet system, invoices and payroll. We offer a comprehensive onboarding process and our Contractor Care team will explain how the timesheet portal works, and answer any questions before you start your new placement. We work closely with you to ensure a seamless transition into the company. Search for your sector below to find your next contractor job.

Banking and Finance | Engineering | IT 

Senior and Executive Search

Huxley has specialist teams across the globe dedicated to placing jobs for senior level roles and executive jobs including C-Suite. We offer access to reputable and motivating opportunities that will propel your career. Our consultants operate a confidential service and work on a case-by-case basis to secure your next position. We manage the timely process of communication, preparation, placement, and follow-up support whilst maintaining the highest levels of trust and integrity.

Speak to one of our dedicated consultants today about your next Senior or Executive job.