5 Top Tips for writing your Business Analyst CV

While you may feel that by being more generic on your CV you are opening yourself up to more opportunities, the same cannot be said when it comes to creating a Business Analyst CV. We spoke to Brittany Arlove, a recruitment consultant who specialises in this area, who has provided some top tips on improving your BA CV so that it outlines your abilities in the clearest way possible.


Demonstrate logic and practicality

The above are key characteristics of a successful BA which should ideally shine through in their CV. Logical thinking, attention to detail and clarity are three components which should form the basis of any good BA’s CV, and this should really help you if you keep them in mind in line with your CV structure. This means sticking to the point, avoiding too much pointless jargon and following an efficient format. If this is the general guideline, then the following points should help you adhere to best practice of this.


Keep your structure clear and concise

As mentioned above, sticking to a professional format which makes sense will make your BA CV stand out from the crowd and impress potential hiring managers. A strong project manager wants to assess the presentation of your documents and so you need to be able to demonstrate that you can structure these in an impressive way. Therefore you should divide up your CV into relevant section, both for presentation purposes and to avoid information overload. The essential guide for your structure should include;

  • A short intro featuring your key contact details
  • Demonstration of your past experience and in particular your previous daily tasks
  • Your previous education and achievements

Once completed, this should be followed by a brief assessment featuring;

  • Formatting and presentation
  • Use of business language
  • Ensuring you make use of your project related skills


Demonstrate your daily duties in terms of your BA roles

This is the part of your CV where you can really showcase why you’d be an ideal fit for a role. It’s important to relay your part in the project delivery within this section. This shows what their actual understanding of the BA role is and what is expected of them. It is important that the hiring manager understands exactly what it is you did rather than what the entire project team did/what the project was about. It is your role and your experience which you really need to highlight here and sell. If you were involved in the full project experience, ensure to mention this or if you took the lead in one particular stage then emphasise this also. When mentioning your achievements, you can keep this short and sweet – simply a few bullet points will suffice here. You can mention any career highlights or achievements in general but specifically ones which are relevant to your BA experience should be outlined first.


Do not neglect the formatting and presentation

In a Business Analyst’s CV in particular, formatting and presentation cannot be left to chance. As it is key to the role itself, it must be meticulous and consistent in structure. Inconsistencies and errors will really stand out to a hiring manager of this kind so there isn’t room for careless mistakes. Clear formatting allows the interviewer to scan through the applicant’s CV and pick out the key points easily and efficiently. Make sure that every section reads clearly and flows well, and also that the grammar and spelling are accurate. These may be small things but they could be the difference between you and another candidate which could cost you the opportunity.


Ensuring you use sufficient business language and list ample skills on your CV

Although you want to resist overloading on technical jargon so as not to confuse people, this is still a business related document and therefore should include certain terms and language which demonstrate this. Make sure you use terms relevant to your industry or to the industry you wish to work in. This can then transfer down to your skills section, where you can feel free to overload on the jargon! (where applicable) This is your chance to list any tools and software you are familiar with and any skills which you feel may be transferable in this role. For a BA, this is usually a fairly niche set of skills, incorporating areas such as Agile, Waterfall and PMP among others. This will build reassurance for the employer in you as a possible candidate and prove that you are fit for the role so please don’t hesitate to include as many as possible.


The above are some basic guidelines which you should implement when starting to build or improve on your BA CV. Bear in mind that your CV is essentially the initial state of the recruitment process, so if you want to be in with the chance of getting to interview stage then you have to get the foundations right first. At Huxley, we pride ourselves on helping candidates in putting their best self forward to secure the optimum role for them. For further information on the above or to discuss the next step in your career please get in touch with visit our jobs page here or get in touch at the below details.



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