Why choose contract recruitment 

Contract employment is very common nowadays, however, some professionals and companies are still unsure or unaware of the countless benefits to this type of recruitment. Contract recruitment is a great option for temporary and flexible staffing needs, which given today’s circumstances may be the perfect solution. In our article below we discuss the benefits of choosing contract recruitment. 

What is Contract Recruitment? 

Contracts are typically signed with independent workers and last a defined period of time. After the end of the set period, the employer has no further obligations and vice versa. It can be very useful in terms of handling periods of intense work volume or key projects that are only expected to last for a specific time period. Which for some companies within life sciences, is a great option to have in the current climate. 

As a result of the changing levels of demand within the markets, there is now a large pool of contractors to choose from and contractors within IT and Engineering have a wealth of experience and knowledge behind them, working with various technologies in various types of companies. Contract recruitment is also ideal for positions that would be difficult to fill permanently. 

Contract vs. Permanent Recruitment 

Contract staffing is generally viewed as a more flexible approach, which is suitable for organisations solving workforce shortages, working on projects, or replacing key employees for short time periods. It’s less risky for the employer and allows contractors to earn more, have variety of work and switch between employers.  

On the other hand, permanent employees are entitled to unique benefits, such as a salary, holidays, pension support and termination pay, which are not available for contract work. Permanent employment is preferred where there is a need to build a strong team identity or handle sensitive information. 

How Does Contract Recruitment Work? 

Contract recruitment involves several different steps. The company must first recognise its own needs and decide the positions or projects for which it wants to hire contract workers. The next step would be to hire a professional recruitment agency like Huxley to help with the hiring process, vetting, and recommending the best candidates. Once placed we make sure to keep in touch with both you and the contractor placed to make sure everything is going according to plan. 

Benefits of Using a Contract Recruiter 

While employers are free to search for contract workers on their own, working with an experienced recruiter often gives the best results as they know who would be the best fit for your project scope. At Huxley, we have access to a high-calibre global interim talent pool of contractors which can be tapped into for clients requiring specific skills. Equally, if you have worked with contractor before through usthere is a good chance if you start your search again, we can find you the same person. 

For a contract recruitment process to run smoothly, it’s necessary to have the infrastructure and resources to review and sort out a large number of candidates quickly. This is something that corporate HR departments sometimes struggle with, and so it’s easier to use an agency, like us, who can take care of aspects of the contract like payroll. 

How does contract recruitment work if you have unique needs?   

While some agencies might struggle with this, we already have a large pool of professionals with specific skills and experience, that will meet the needs of your copany or project. That’s why picking the right contract agency is so important. At Huxley we have our Managed Services offering, where we can provide you with flexible resourcing options that enable you to deliver your work demand more efficiently and cost effectively. 

About us 

It’s important to us to take the time to understand everybody's needs - not just the candidates, but you as the client too. Below are some of the other benefits of working with us. 

  • Global mobility- Why should you limit your search to local candidates when there is a wealth of international options at your disposal? With us, your search for the most suitable contractors and employees can be conducted globally, with our experience serving as the guiding principle. We have colleagues globally who can support if its outside of the UK 
  • Time Sensitive- Even if you’ve got a short time-frame, our experience and network of contractor’s means we’ll be able to help – whether you’re looking for one person or a team of specialists. All you have to do is tell us the specific requirements of your project. 
  • Back-end- We’ll even take care of the admin too. We’ll look after the back office support for contractors, including online time-sheets, payroll services, and legal and insurance support. So you’ll get the contractors you need, when you need them, without any hassle. 

So if you’re looking to hire contractors... 


or check out our 


Let us know your specific requirements and we’ll be in touch to let you know how we can help! 

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