"Financial Services"

Can FinTechs turn finance green?

06 Dec 2021

As newer, more agile organisations, fintechs can lead on sustainable finance in a way that legacy organisations can only dream of.

How can FinTechs scale effectively?

02 Nov 2021

Growing a business is the dream for many FinTech leaders, but scaling can bring cultural and regulatory challenges.

How FinTech is supporting the ESG agenda

16 Sep 2021

The importance of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations is growing in many sectors and industries, and FinTech is no exception.

Investing in long-term recruitment relationships

12 Aug 2021

Like in life, long-lasting relationships can be extremely beneficial in recruitment. Working with organisations for years, and even decades, allows us to form a deeper understanding of their history, culture and needs.

Five ways banks can transform the customer journey

15 Jul 2021

Banks have more customer insight than ever before, yet often struggle to convert this into a truly personal service

Group of Diverse People Connection Digital Device Concept

Digital transformation and diversity can go hand in hand

27 May 2021

The financial services sector is being fundamentally changed by technology, making now the perfect time to embed diversity and inclusion into its future