Chief Technology Officer

Location: Qatar
Salary: competitive
Job Type: Permanent
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Role Objective

The CTO will work as a strategic designer, collaborating with the senior management and leadership team to integrate and drive transformation program, to foster realizable / measurable benefits. The incumbent will plan, design and execute short/ medium term transformational strategies within the banking operations, financial services and ecommerce space, including but not limited to growth initiatives, developing business models, budgeting/forecasting, strategy and investment opportunities, prioritization of financial controls and supporting information systems, drive customer centricity, synergic partnerships and corporate branding of the Bank, leveraging on quality assurance and digital capabilities.

Detailed Roles and Responsibilities


  • Contribute towards the formulation and implementation of the Bank's vision, mission and strategic objectives.
  • Oversee the development of the strategic short and medium term transformation plan/framework for the Bank, as per the directives set by the CEO and the Board of Directors.
  • Create strategies for improving the DB Group's business / operational efficiency and customer centricity.
  • Partner with the Chief Financial Officer to set, manage and control budgets for Bank-wide transformation plans.
  • Oversee the development of performance objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in order to address performance issues and maintain alignment with the Bank's business goals.
  • Ensure strategic alignment of the strategic transformation initiatives to the objectives and mission of the bank.
  • Provide strategic direction and leadership on the development and implementation of business operational transformation plans, policies and procedures are in line with industry best practices & local regulations.
  • Extend support to the respective Function Heads towards the development of detailed annual business plans and operational targets based on the transformational objectives.
  • Promote the design, growth and transmission of project management and operational excellence philosophy throughout the bank-wide functions.
  • Constantly update self on business, economic, political, competitive and regulatory factors, and apprise the management on necessary changes required.
  • Develop and maintain robust working relationships with internal/external stakeholders to facilitate and capitalize on functional / operational/ strategic needs.


  • Capitalize on and cross-functionally drive the growth & diversification initiatives of the bank, through new business opportunities, ventures and/or strategic alliances based on competitive intelligence.
  • Provide short and medium term positioning direction, ensuring that appropriate systems, processes and people are in place across the respective DB functions for realizing measurable benefits.
  • Manage overall governance of the transformation projects, and work closely with the functional/ department heads in formulating and/ or reviewing/monitoring KPIs in terms of operational strategies, and productivity.
  • Contribute towards and lead strategic projects in areas pertaining to performance /productivity, cost/ revenue optimization and process streamlining.
  • Support cross-functional bank-wide initiatives, instilling best practices in areas pertaining to customer loyalty, quality/ Innovation, branding and sustainability.
  • Work as an internal consultant to develop and enhance inclusive function-wise/ project team performance and productivity in support of the strategic / operational transformation initiatives.
  • Manage multiple projects across bank-wide functions, with emphasis on stakeholder management, potential improvements, project proposals/schedules, budget readiness, resource allocation, data management/ performance measures and project deliverables.
  • Lead the formulation and deployment of digital strategies at the Bank, for creating exceptional client /channel experience through in-house digital value added services/ solutions and/or partnerships with fin-tech service providers.
  • Work closely with and ensure robust relationship with the IT / Digital / Product / Strategy teams / Business Units, across a range of multifaceted IT-enabled innovation projects, including but not limited to transformation of business models, business process reengineering, innovative service/product delivery, CX and sales optimization strategies, partnership operations, enterprise-wide risk management and similar initiatives.
  • Nurture cross-functional collaboration in identification, integration and implementation of wide range of digital/ leading-edge technology opportunities/ disruptive trends aimed at bank-wide transformations.
  • Drive strategies to ensure reduction in cost of operations by leveraging on the high efficiency Digital Ecosystem.
  • Direct compliance with all reporting requirements for bank-wide transformation projects, as required by the respective government/ regulatory bodies.
  • Outline and accomplish the business architecture and structural designs in validation with the bank's overall business strategies.
  • Collaborate with the Product development / IT teams to drive redesign and execution of responsive and resilient operative models/ core-banking solutions.
  • Outline transformation / positioning strategies in support of product life-cycle management, including review and development of new product lines, in partnership with regulatory bodies and respective business units.
  • Partner with subject matter experts and user experience/design teams to lead the execution of transformation strategies in Retail/ Wholesale/ International Banking and Treasury/Investment arenas, enhancing end-to-end user experience through digital financial products and services.
  • Be accountable for enterprise risk management and strategic vendor partnerships for the bank-wide transformation projects.
  • Work cross functionally to ensure effective identification, monitoring and control of bank-wide risks/ potential roadblocks and undertake mitigation measures to support the attainment of the overall transformation objectives and maximize the return on investment.
  • Collaborate with Business Units to attract prospects and increase customer engagement across all market segments through assessment of existing situation and projected fluctuations in the external environment.
  • Ensure the recommendations made by the Internal Audit and Compliance functions as well as the external auditors as part of their reviews are timely actioned, to the extent these relate to areas under the incumbent's purview.
  • Lead the benchmarking process to determine the Bank's standing vis-à-vis its competitors and give the Bank a competitive edge.
  • Contribute towards and facilitate the development of Centers of Innovation (COI), to foster a culture of innovation across R&D, innovation, & partnership spheres, in collaboration with the respective stakeholders.
  • Oversee to ensure that the COIs deliver/ optimize technical capability, infrastructure, competencies and value / supply chains to scale up DB's growth and competitive position
  • Maintain highest standards of confidentiality, professional conduct, ethics and integrity in the provision of services within the department

Educational Qualifications

  • University graduate with a degree in Accounting or Business or Banking or Finance or Economics or any other related discipline.
  • Master's degree in Management or any other related discipline preferred


  • Above 17 years of total experience in financial services/banking industry, entailing responsibilities pertaining to the specific area of discipline.
  • Prior experience in driving large scale business transformation projects in banking industry.
  • Experience with product development methodologies and digital banking strategies.
  • Business Understanding within International Economic/ Legal context
  • Strong knowledge of IT best practices in the Banking and Financial Sector
  • Strong understanding of emerging/ disruptive technologies in financial services sector
  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of compliance and legal requirements
  • Excellent knowledge of operations management
  • Project management
  • Logical and analytical skills

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