Benefits of working for a global company and top jobs in Hong Kong to apply for

31 May 2022

We sat down with our Huxley team in Hong Kong who shared with us what are the top things that come to mind about working for a global company, and hopefully the points below would pique your interest to apply for jobs in Hong Kong.

Cryptocurrency and its impact on Fintech companies and Hong Kong Banks

06 Apr 2022

In 2022, how is Hong Kong impacted by the growth of a highly unregulated sector, and what is the impact on fintech companies and Hong Kong banks? Find out here!

How to write a cover letter (cover letter samples included)

19 Jan 2022

A winning cover letter, along with your cv and resume, can boost your chances of landing an interview for your dream job. When skilfully crafted, it showcases your personality and explains how and why you are a great fit for the job – something a resume alone might not do.

Thinking of a mid-career switch between Software Development and Cybersecurity?

15 Oct 2021

While software development is a great career path, did you know that all the experience and knowledge you have in software development or software engineering can also smoothly transition you into a career within cybersecurity? Find out how you can apply your skills here!

GoTo Group Chief Risk Officer shares top tips for mid-career switch

14 Sep 2021

Huxley brings you an addition to our interview series with GoTo’s (known as Gojek and Tokopedia after their merger) Group Chief Risk Officer, Amaresh Mohan who shared about his mid-career switch from the traditional banking industry i.e investment banking, alternative payments, financial risk management, to fintech i.e e-Commerce, ride-hailing, food delivery.

Mid-Career Switch from Traditional Banking vs Fintech

30 Aug 2021

Huxley interviewed Lloyd Cheng, Compliance Manager at to bring you deeper insights into the fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrency space, as well as transferrable skills that has supported him in his career switch from traditional banking to fintech

Leadership Qualities of a Good Manager in the New Normal

27 Aug 2021

Leadership have evolved tremendously over the years in an age of innovation and disruption. Now, leadership styles are gravitating towards a ‘transformational’ approach.

Transferrable skills for Credit Analysts and Investment Analysts

11 May 2021

What are some of the skills that can be transferred between Credit Analysts and Investment Analysts today? Find out more here.

Top tips if you have been impacted by COVID-19

11 May 2020

In light of the pandemic, we ran a virtual webinar “Have You Been Impacted?” where our expert consultants – Sharlyn Soh, Delfina Tan and See Xuan Bin – shed some light on trends within their markets to support you.


5 best free websites to learn Python today

01 Jun 2020

We sat down with Karminder Walia from Huxley Asia who shared with us their insights on why Python is a skillset that hiring managers continuously look out for, as well as the roles that are in demand within the coding, development and software space.

Tags: APAC

Top 5 questions for a Java Developer Interview

18 Nov 2020

The demand for candidates like java developer jobs, software developer jobs, and even software engineering jobs who are fluent in java, python, and other programming languages are steadily growing. We spoke to Anastasija Horoscuka, Recruitment Consultant of Huxley Asia who shared her insight on the market below.

Supporting our contractors amidst COVID-19

29 May 2020

In light of adapting to a new normal, many contractors have shared with us their challenges during this period of time.