What's driving the future of the automotive industry?

Automotive giant Volvo recently committed to only producing electric or hybrid cars by 2019. With innovation driving dramatic change within the automotive industry, Lindsay Hartland, Associate Partner at Huxley, believes this is an extremely exciting time for candidates. We sat down with Lindsay to find out why top automotive talent is in such high demand.

Evolving from mechanical to digital

Everyone knows the future of the automotive industry is changing, with increased connectivity and automation impacting manufacturing across the globe. In the past, mechanical manufacturing dominated the market, but now the most exciting opportunities are taking place within the digital space. As the sector moves towards an electric and driverless future, there’s a huge demand for different kinds of professionals; software, electronic and AI experts are in exceptionally high demand.

The race to create the driverless car

With global leaders competing to create the autonomous car, the industry has been left in an uncertain space. Everyone knows where the future of automotive is headed, but no one is quite sure how or when we’ll arrive at our destination, or who will be in the driving seat. According to Lindsay, “Everyone wants to play a part in the industry reaching this landmark milestone. If they don’t want to be left behind, and instead want a chance at producing the technology that leads to a truly driverless vehicle, they'll need the very best talent in their team. It’s an exciting time for candidates with impressive electrical and digital experience; everyone is looking to attract the best talent on the market. AI is changing the industry and candidates with exceptional skills have access to more career opportunities than ever before."

Strategic minds leading the charge

While innovation is leading to a need for engineers, the demand doesn’t stop there. With the industry expanding at such a rapid pace, and all major manufacturers and engineering technology companies competing to break boundaries, strategic leaders are fundamental to success. Lindsay explains, “It’s important for companies to have skilled engineers in place who can execute their plans, but they need also exceptional professionals to design and implement ground-breaking strategies that will shape the future of not only their organisation, but their industry.” We’re seeing a bigger demand than ever before for CIO’s, CTO’s and Technical Directors who can influence the industry’s future.

The demand for mechanical engineers

With innovation at the forefront of the industry’s mind, you could be forgiven for thinking that mechanical engineers will no longer be in demand, However, Lindsay explains that this certainly isn’t the case, “Mechanical engineers and manufacturers are still highly sought after. Whilst the sector races toward an ACE (automated, connected, and electric) future, a vehicle will still retain a mechanical shell, and although design and development isn’t advancing as rapidly as it is elsewhere, there’s still a lot of opportunity within mechanical manufacturing. Innovation isn’t limiting opportunities, it’s simply opening up the market to a wider pool of talent than ever before. It isn’t something that should be feared by anyone, but embraced by everyone.”

Huxley’s commitment

According to Lindsay, “This is a hugely exciting time within the automotive industry, and it’s something that I’m personally very passionate about. We’re supporting an industry that’s changing the world around us, and this gives us purpose. We speak to so many talented candidates and it’s so encouraging that we’re able to give them access to such a huge range of opportunities with some of the best companies across the globe - ultimately helping to change their lives for the better.”  

Change is happening, and at Huxley, we can be the vehicle to your success. Whatever your skills, if you’re an outstanding talent who’s ready to drive real change within the automotive industry, speak to a member of our team today. Don’t get left behind, find out about the exciting opportunities we have on offer.

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