When you should quit your front-end development job

When you should quit your front-end development job - and what to search for in a new one

Do you ever find yourself questioning when you should leave your current front-end development job?  And are you constantly asking yourself what you should be looking for in a new role? You’re definitely not the only developer who’s wondering about this. The right timing can be of significant importance for the rest of your career. At Huxley, we’re here to help you answer the following four questions:

1. When should you quit your front-end development job?
2. Are your front-end development skills up to date?
3. What should you look for in a new front-end role?
4. Which stacks can help you improve your rate?

When should you quit your front-end role?

When it comes to leaving a job, the right time is different for everyone. There are some factors that may be useful to consider if you’re thinking of switching jobs:

1. Personal preference and private circumstances
2. Your professional development
3. Work-life balance
4. Salary

1. Personal preference
Reasons for moving jobs are highly personal, and there’s no right or wrong reason to move on from your current position. Perhaps you’re moving location, or maybe you’re dissatisfied with the front-end tools your current company is using. Whatever’s led to your decision, there’s no right or wrong reason.

2. Your professional development
You’re never too old to learn, especially in IT! Your professional development is the key to success. For many developers, there’s a danger of becoming comfortable and missing out on opportunities while the market advances. To remain attractive to future employers, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest innovations. If you feel like you’ve learned as much as you can with your current employer, then perhaps it’s worth considering taking on a new front-end development challenge.

3. Work-life balance
It’s extremely important to find a role that offers the right work-life balance. While many front-end development jobs allow you to work flexibly, not every employer supports this way of working. If you’re looking for a role with flexible working, speak to the team at Huxley to find out about the various roles we have on offer.

4. Salary

Former President Obama said: ‘Money is not the answer, but it makes a difference.’ Front-end developers are in high demand, and this gives you the opportunity to negotiate a higher rate. But make sure you’re being realistic, your rate depends on things like experience and whether you’re looking for a freelance or permanent contract. At Huxley, we can offer honest advice and help to negotiate the rate you’re looking for; all you need to do is get in touch!

2. Are your front-end development skills up to date?

This is a question every front-end developer should ask themselves; if you were offered your dream job tomorrow, would you have the skills to excel straight away? Or would you need to invest time updating your knowledge? Does your front-end development job offer you the opportunity to work with the latest tools on the market? If not, perhaps you should look into courses that could help to advance your skills. If you’re an expert in JavaScript for instance, it won’t be hard to learn Node js. Search for employers who do keep up with technological developments. You don’t want to lag behind, as it could be hard for you to catch up.

3. What should you look for in a new front-end role?

When thinking about what’s most important when it comes to your new front-end role, you can use the following checklist:

1. Does your new employer work with the latest tools?
2. Do they support your professional development?
3. Does the company culture suit you as a person?
4. How do they think about work-life balance?
5. Does the employment package match your expectations?

This list isn’t limited to the above points, but can help you to make a choice that’s right for you.

4. Which stacks can help you improve your rate?

Timing is key when it comes to looking for a new front-end development role, and market demand is very important. The most popular stacks at the moment are the following:

• Angular
• Vue js
• React
• Full Stack

These stacks offer the best chances for future career development. This can also be traced back to salary:

• Best paid: Full Stack
• Mastering Angular: a salary increase of 18%
• A combination of Angular and React: + 25%

How Huxley can help you to find your next front-end development job

At Huxley, our global network offers a large variety of front-end opportunities. We can introduce you to employers you don’t know yet, and can also save you time to search, so you can continue to focus on your professional development.
Do you want to discuss your ambitions with us? Contact us today. If you want to find out more about our latest jobs, why not have a look?

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