2019 Japan Hiring Trends Overview

The year 2019 is almost over. We hope it’s been a fruitful year for your business and personal career development. As a recruitment specialist in Banking and Financial Services, Huxley has been working with many industry leaders to acquire the best talent in the market, as well as helping skilled professionals to find their dream jobs over 2019. We have seen several general trends on the market, which have impacted the hiring strategies of organisations.


Digital Transformation (DX) in process

One of the major trends carried over from 2018 was a focus on DX. While new fintech businesses are highlighting consumer demand for new products, and thereby changing the paradigm of the financial markets, many traditional financial institutions are embracing the opportunity to improve their businesses through DX both internally and externally.

As a result, the insurance sector has seen an increasing number of organisations looking for Technical Architects to adopt changes in internal IT systems and re-create technical structures. Demand is high, and so are expectations. This, coupled with the general shortage of IT engineers in Japan, means that finding skilled professionals can be challenging.

As long as this trend continues, we can foresee an increase in Operations positions following the implementation of these new technologies and systems.


Innovation is the key to survive

With more financial organisations launching new projects to establish an innovative business model, we’ve seen some Project Manager roles open up through the year. In the coming year, this may lead to a higher demand for professionals with project management experience or specific skills, while experience in the industry might not be required for some positions.


Data science as an integral part

Data has now become a critical part of any succesful business. Banks are no exception.

There has been a high demand for professionals with data science backgrounds, especially for Credit Risk Management positions. Python, R and SAS are a few examples of desired skills. This trend will likely continue in 2020.


Fintech remains one of our major focuses

Fintech is a rapidly growing area and thus is one of our major focuses. There are many positions open on the market from multinationals to start-ups. Skilled developers and engineers in particular are very much in demand. Since this area is relatively new, it is not always necessary to have experience within the financial industry. With emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning, now is a very exciting time to develop a career in the fintech industry.


What we can do for you

If you’re a hiring manager looking for great talent to drive innovation in your business, or a skilled professional looking for a dream job in the industry, our market expert consultants are here to help. We are also happy to share more detailed insights about the each section of the industry, so feel free to contact us on the form below. You may also visit our LinkedIn page to get the latest updates.



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