Huxley hosted a networking night

Our Huxley Japan team recently hosted an exciting networking party for our valued guests, with people coming from Banking & Financial services and Finance & Accounting industries. We were very glad to see everyone having a nice time networking within their speciality, and it was a fantastic opportunity for us to say thank you to everyone who’s been working with us.

What we do

Huxley delivers world-class recruitment services that adapt to your changing needs. For over 20 years, we’ve provided comprehensive solutions that strengthen our partnership with you. Huxley Japan works with companies of all sizes, from large multinationals to innovative start-ups and we off compliant solutions that meet both global and local regulatory standards.

In Japan, we have two areas of focus: Banking and Financial Services and Non-banking Finance and Accounting. Every Huxley consultant focuses on their specialised area with a deep knowledge of the local market in Tokyo, which makes us distinguished from other service providers.

Specialisations we cover include:

  • Internal IT
  • DevOps
  • Risk
  • Compliance & Legal
  • Audit
  • M&A
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Operations

We are very pleased to have been able to help a number of professionals in these areas over the previous years. Our original insights of hiring trends in 2019 and forecast for 2020 are introduced here.


Refer a friend

At Huxley Japan, we appreciate being able to work with professional talent within the community of both Banking & Finance sectors! We promote the Refer-a-Friend campaign to help our community to grow. So if you know someone who is looking for a next career step, please let us help and you can get up to 100,000 yen voucher. Please find more details here.


More events to come

Huxley is committing to nurture a community of professionals within both Banking & Financial and Finance and Accounting areas in Tokyo. We’re thinking of hosting more networking events this year and we’d appreciate your opinion. Please fill in the form below and let us know what types of event you’re interested in.


What type of event would you be interested in attending?

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