Which areas of banking and finance will face disruption due to AI?

Feb 2019

Ai is changing jobs across banking and finance. We spoke to our recruiters to find out which areas face disruption, and how careers could be impacted.

Five top tips to create an impressive LinkedIn profile

Feb 2019

Our recruitment consultants offer top LinkedIn tips for professionals across banking, finance, engineering and IT! Read them here.

Five things to consider when you're looking for a new job

Feb 2019

Whether you're searching for a new job in banking, finance, or engineering, Huxley is here to solve your recruitment problems. Take a look at some top things to consider when looking for a job!

What are the implications of the new legislation on Australia’s cyber security space?

Feb 2019

Following The Telecommunications and other legislations Amendment (Assistance and Access) Bill 2018 (Assistance and Access Act) that took effect as of 6 December 2018, many cyber security and broader technology-based organisations have voiced their opinions on the validity and the real effectiveness of the Act.

Top tips to help you excel in your next interview!

Feb 2019

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Seven signs you're ready to move on from your job

Jan 2019

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Will QR code payment be the key to push cashless forward in Japan?

Jan 2019

In December 2018, PayPay – a QR code payment app established by Softbank and Yahoo! Japan, launched a cashback campaign estimated at USD 100 million in Japan. This resulted in extensive news coverage and mirrored the explosive popularity of QR code payment in China over the past few years. In fact, 60% of the payment in China was done cashless in 2015, while it was only 18.4% in Japan.

Top financial trends for 2019 in APAC – what is noteworthy?

Jan 2019

Moving on to 2019, top banks and financial institutions are gearing up for greater innovation and regulatory changes as the market continues to evolve with changing demands. With this, what are some of the sectors to look out for in the year ahead, and what does the talent pipeline across the industry look like?

Is Asia-Pacific the place to be in finance for 2020?

17 Dec 2019

The biggest challenge for organisations today would be to manage their evolving workforce at a time of rapid change. This is especially so within Asia-Pacific’s (APAC) robust banking and financial industry where growth can be impeded due to the lack of the right digital talent.

Top 5 tech jobs you should look out for in 2020

26 Dec 2019

From Artificial Intelligence to Robotics and Data Science, APAC remains as an irresistible magnet to global tech giants with its world-class innovation. Find out what are the top emerging jobs according to Linkedin's latest report here!

Checklist for working from home

30 Mar 2020

Huxley has put together a list of top tips to help you plan your day whilst working from home and increase your productivity by integrating in-coming tasks into your daily routine.

SThree COVID-19 Update

19 Mar 2020

Our purpose is to bring skilled people together to build the future, and this has never felt more important than it does today.