Our Approach

Huxley has over 20 years' experience sourcing the best talent from across the globe. Here in Japan, our dedicated team help you find the best candidates with skilled and experiences in Finance and Accounting across industries. Our multi-channel candidate acquisition approach gives you a prompt and agile response regardless of scale, volume, or industry. We take a 7-step approach to source, pre-screen and store high quality talent that are available and ready-to-work when you need them most. At the same time, candidates go through an 11-step process that assesses skills and experience so your next hire is ready to hit the ground running.  


You’ll have a consistent and prompt approach from a global team of more than 650 consultants who are specialists in their region, sector, and industry. Dedicated consultants give you access to both local and global candidate pools and provide you with tailored advice based on your recruitment needs.


Across our regions, multi-language professionals produce high-quality, tailored job advertisements to attract and secure a diverse pool of talent. To reach the best talent, our consultants work across our databases as well as a range of job boards, from niche, industry specific boards, to some of the world’s largest job boards. By using a number of approaches, we’re able to give you a shortlist of the best candidates quickly and efficiently. 


Talk to one of our specialist consultants to find a recruitment solution that’s right for you.​



Needs Analysis

  • Detailed job specification assistance
  • Conduct a needs analysis meting
  • Provide qualified job specification 
  • Offer intelligence on current market conditions 

You save time spent screening, and receive the best candidates. 


Candidate Sourcing 

  • 1,000,00+ candidate's database
  • Largest advertiser in the industry 
  • Search and networking for passive jobseekers
  • Direct marketing

Your role receives unbeatable market penetration. 


Candidate Selection 

  • Sustainability screening 
  • Competency based interviewing 
  • Meeting locally based candidates 
  • Reference checks 

You see the most relevant and the most qualified candidates in the market. 


Interview Process 

  • Candidate preparation 
  • Interview role play
  • Employer Preparation 
  • Prompt and comprehensive feedback 

A well-managed interview process that will save you time.  



  • Advice on expectations of the candidate
  • Professional negotiation in person
  • Detailed market and salary data upon request

The candidate is more likely to accept your offer and for the right reasons. 



  • Contract legalities and payroll services

The elimination of last minute issues ensures a successful starter. 




  • After-placement meeting to review process
  • Ongoing customer support team for all contractors

Your assignment will be completed successfully. 



What types of staffing solutions does Huxley Japan offer?

We offer permanent solutions.

How will Huxley Japan add value to my company’s hiring process?

Using a specialised recruitment agency like Huxley enables you to outsource the candidate sourcing and interview management process allowing you to focus on your core expertise.  Most importantly, a specialised recruitment agency can provide you access to Finance and Accounting talent who are not actively looking for new opportunities. As such, you will be able to reach out to the best talent in the Finance and Accounting market before they come out to the job market.