Recruitment Internship at Huxley Luxembourg

Location: Luxembourg
Salary: competitive
Sectors: Sales
Job Type: Permanent
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"Get me some coffee......"

"Can you make sure that the office is clean?"

"Can you scan these 1000 pages and send them to me by mail?"

"I need you to make me some (50000000) copies of this useless paper"

If you would ask anyone who ever set a foot in our office as an intern, they will all tell you that these classic myths of boring, mind numbing tasks is definitely not the tasks we are asking of our interns.

An internship in itself is for me where you learn more than any book, classroom or theory ever can teach you. On the condition of course that you are not doing the tasks that I have described above.

We saw that most people are leaving recruitment businesses within their first months. Where others look at billing and results, we are looking at it from a different angle. We look at the potential a person has or wishes to develop. Our people get all the chances to become successful recruiters, and a successful recruiter is someone who connects to the humans that are all part of recruitment processes.

We are asking people to join us via an internship. That internship counts as an extra 6 months, in which we will be

  • Training you on verbal & written communication & presentation skills
  • Explaining the set up and structure of our company to you and the companies we are currently working with
  • Teaching you the tips & tricks that distinguish average recruiters from top recruiters
  • Forming you on all of our processes concerning client on-boarding, feedback after and before an interview, how to conduct a meeting, how to analyse a CV, how to prepare a resume for a client, ...

The list is endless. And to show you why, I want to write a bit about a person who joined Huxley all the way back in 2012 as one of our first interns, Marie Bianchi. Marie is a qualified high school teacher in languages and wanted to redirect her career and she started to work her way through the different levels of responsibility within our divisions and teams. After her internship, she got hired as a trainee recruitment consultant. The first months were hard, but perseverance & teamwork made her succeed and she got promoted to consultant. Her senior consultant promotion followed 2 years down the line and was based on her analysis of the marketplace focusing herself on one type of profiles, allowing her to gain credibility on the market and build up a very interesting client portfolio.

At a given time the permanent division manager decided to leave the company and Marie took the chance she had been given and she recreated one team, focusing on the open-ended employment contracts in the fields of finance (Back - middle - front office) and IT. Marie is currently heading a 10-person team, leading that team from the front and getting ready to make the jump to the next stage in her career.

Interns are the future of our company as they get a real taste of the highs and lows of being a recruiter. If they like it, we would like them to stay, but the skills and competences you have gained during that internship will give you opportunities in the Luxembourgish market to enter any kind of recruitment position that exists.

I also would like to point out that there are things we like a bit less upon receiving applications for the intern positions we are currently looking for.

  • Copy paste motivation letters, with the name of the previous person you sent the mail to
  • "The reason why I am applying is because my school is making me do one"
  • Over- or underselling yourself
  • The amount of money you wish to make

However I do particularly like

  • Jokes, humour (nothing offensive of course)
  • Passionate people
  • Multilingual skills

So yes, we are hiring again and yes we want you to come and see us. In case you are interested, send us a mail luxembourg @ or give us a call at +352 27 00 44 00. Build Trust - Care, Then Act - Be Clear, Then Aim High

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