Our ESG Efforts

As part of the larger SThree group, we continue to evolve our approach to the environment, society and corporate governance (ESG) in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals under three key areas of focus: building a greener future, building an inclusive future, and building an ethical business for the future.

Huxley takes part in a wide range of ESG initiatives and programmes both globally and locally, with a vision to transform lives through skills and work. We're proud of our strong philanthropic history which has been developed over the years. For us, building the future, is a golden thread that runs through everything we do. As the only global, pure-play STEM talent provider we are in a unique position to mobilise candidate groups, clients, colleagues, suppliers, and communities to make the world better.

Three main pillars as part of our strategy include: Building a greener future; Building an inclusive workforce for the future; Building an ethical business for the future. 

Building a greener future

We partner with clients to build a future powered by clean energy and it is our aim to grow our renewables business to ensure the right talent is available for the transition to a low carbon economy. We will reduce our carbon footprint by 20% by 2024 and continue to offset our emissions to be carbon neutral.

Whilst we work to reduce our absolute emissions, we offset our full carbon footprint to ensure we are carbon neutral. Our role in overcoming the climate emergency facing the world is bigger than our own carbon reduction activities. We will source and nurture the talent needed to tackle climate change by:

  • Doubling the share of our renewables business by 2024
  • Delivering interventions that nurture and develop diverse talent to enter green careers
  • Sourcing the talent needed across all industries to facilitate the low carbon transition

You may click here to read the case study with Arevon Energy. 

Building an inclusive workforce for the future

We will tackle inequality and support diversity in the industries we partner with through nurturing diverse candidate communities and providing inclusive recruitment solutions. We will deliver our STEM Career Pathways programme where we mobilise our candidate communities, clients and community partners to empower people from diverse backgrounds to become STEM professionals. We will use our skills and knowledge to provide career support to people at risk of unemployment and underemployment. And we will continue to facilitate webinars, CV coaching, career planning, and many other interventions to help tackle employment inequality.

In Singapore, we've seen an increase in our female placements to 37% and during the tough pandemic year, we've helped to support the local workforce in reducing unemployment where 67% of our placements were locals. And in the remaining population, we've helped more than 10 nationalities to find a role within the STEM industry. You may refer to the infographics below for more detail: 

Diversity & Inclusion ImpactDiverstiy & Inclusion impact


Supporting the Singapore workforce


Building an ethical business for the future

We provide local, flexible recruitment solutions to our clients which includes navigating complex regulatory landscapes across geographies. We provide expert advice and solutions that ensure compliance requirements such as insurance, right to work and taxation are met. Our expertise in compliance within all of our markets is a unique proposition to our clients. Ethical, compliant recruitment solutions are core to our business model, and we strive to be experts and leaders in ethical business practices across our full operation.

You may click here to see a case study on our governance in action.

To read our full impact report for ESG, please click here. 


Some of our past initiatives:

Launched in 2016, the SThree Foundation supports bright young people from underprivileged and diverse backgrounds into the STEM industries. Learn more by watching our video below.


We encourage all our teams to lead community initiatives and projects in order to cultivate their personal and professional development. In addition to their role everyone has the opportunity to collaborate and engage with ESG. Every SThree employee has two paid days a year to volunteer; they can support positive environmental campaigns and they can get involved in supporting our partner charities.


Local charities

To ensure that we are also contributing to local charities, the team in Singapore work with local schools to ensure that we are helping them with interview tips, CV techniques, and other job-hunting tips. 


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