The future of HR – what does it look like?

01 Dec 2017

Read about The future of HR – what does it look like? from Huxley UK&I

The use of AI in banking

01 Dec 2017

Over recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has become more commonly used across a wide range of industries. Interestingly, banking appeared to be slightly slower to adapt to using it.

Centralising Operations, Cultivating Diversity

01 Dec 2017

In light of SThree’s concerted step to have a consolidated hub in Singapore, we would also like to focus our diversity initiatives towards Asia rather than on a local level.

Huxley's Interview workshop with a local tech start-up

01 Nov 2017

Read about Huxley's Interview workshop with a local tech start-up from Huxley UK&I

Is Hong Kong future digital?

01 Oct 2017

Despite efforts that this nation has made in channelling immense resources to digitise its city, including transportation, information and communications’ initiatives, less than half surveyed considered themselves digitally savvy.

How is the UX/UI sector in Hong Kong?

01 Sep 2017

To create enduring first impressions whilst enhancing an organisation’s reputation, a UX/UI specialist’s role has become increasingly indispensable from various fields. Find out what are the fields that UX/UI are increasingly in demand here

How secure is the Internet of Things?

01 Sep 2017

Download our latest report where we look at the security concerns of the Internet of Things and the challenges faced to ensure security.

AML Technology to heighten monitoring efforts in finance

01 Sep 2017

As Singapore commits itself to become a world leading financial centre, expectations around KYC and AML compliance will only continue to escalate. As such, the adoption of smart technology may be the solution to future challenges ahead.