Articles - 2020 - 01

Top 5 questions you should prepare for an interview in Fintech

30 Jan 2020

If you are looking to break into this high-growth market in 2020, here are the top interview questions you can prepare for to make a memorable impression on hiring managers.

3 Fintech trends transforming jobs in 2020

29 Jan 2020

Albeit still a burgeoning industry, the Fintech sector has been picking up with great speed in this city with its enhanced focus on innovation and ample support from investors. But how does this impact individuals and the search for talent with relevant skill-sets in this evolving industry?

Singapore going deep with tech in 2020?

15 Jan 2020

The software development industry is a dynamic sector, supported by limitless advancements in deep technologies. Deep technology – known as technologies derived from continuous engineering innovation, scientific advances and discoveries – have been the key driver of growth.