Are you job hunting within Fintech for 2021?

The fintech market is a fast-paced and dynamic industry and has been since its inception. There are plenty of reasons why you should continue your job search over the festive period, and implementing them could be the difference between you securing your dream role or not.

Globally, 75% of hiring managers we spoke to are still actively hiring right now and 70% still claim to be struggling to find the right talent, according to our recent Client Insights Survey. The Singapore Fintech Association (SFA) shared that fintech firms are still expanding their businesses and workforce, and there has been heightened demand for jobs in areas like UXUI design and cloud applications.

As such, our Huxley team in Singapore shared with us the top fintech jobs that they are seeing during this period:

  • Fintech Solutions Architect
  • Senior C++ Developer
  • Senior DevOps Engineer
  • Big Data Analytics Manager


If you are looking for a job within these spaces, below are tips on how to survive the festive slowdown.


  1. Reach out to or keep in touch with recruiters before and after the Christmas period

Establishing a relationship with a recruiter or recruiters before people go on leave for the holidays sets you up for a productive start in the New Year. This will save you time come January searching for a relevant recruiter who knows your market.

Also, contrary to popular belief, not all recruiters are slowing down their recruiting processes as soon as it hits December. Many are working right up until the break trying to close deals, as well as the few who are even doing some work over the holidays.

You’d be surprised how much of a rapport you can build up with someone over a short space of time, and so my advice would be to never underestimate the power of reaching out and networking – you never know where or who it might lead you to!


  1. Keep applying and searching as often as you can

Did you know that according to LinkedIn Talent Solutions Blog, job searches have increased by 60% and applications have doubled this year especially for remote work?

Now that more people have experienced the benefits of working remotely, they want the option, especially while the pandemic is still going on. Working from home is less stigmatised now especially for fintech jobs — people have gotten used to cats in webcams and kids interrupting important meetings. In addition, many companies have increased their remote roles, so job-seekers are naturally discovering and applying to more of them.

With this in mind, it makes sense that you should keep actively looking and applying for fintech jobs, even over the festive period. If you’re not at that stage or feel you’re not hearing anything back due to hiring managers or recruiters being on leave, then you can still start making some proactive steps to help you in your career search. This may be by way of updating your resume, drafting cover letters or updating your LinkedIn to ensure you’re at the optimal position to achieve that new role.

Taking on board the long interim period most job seekers are facing between roles, it makes sense not to completely take the holidays off in terms of your job search.


  1. Make yourself available

Flexibility is an undeniably attractive quality in any potential candidate. By making yourself flexible, especially in the run up to and during the Christmas holidays, you’re not only giving yourself the best possible chance of success, but also giving a recruiter or hiring manager the impression that you’re highly motivated and ready to start work.

Most people will have prior commitments and plans for over the seasonal break, but it could be as simple as answering that phone call, checking your emails or replying to that InMail which could make all the difference and give you that competitive advantage.


  1. Get ahead of the competition

While it is definitely beneficial to keep motivated in your job search throughout the Christmas holidays, this doesn’t mean that everyone follows this practice. Many candidates don’t or can’t keep up with the efforts required to secure a new role over the festive period.

You should use this to your advantage, and be proactive by networking, up skilling yourself (which could be as simple as taking a LinkedIn learning course or watching a webinar), applying or even interviewing prior to that January rush, when competition is rife.

January is one of the busiest times for job hunting, with many people coming back after Christmas with that ‘’New Year, New Job’’ mentality. Take this chance to get ahead of the crowd, and make that application or connect with that recruiter, so that even if you don’t hear anything back you have taken that initial step and will more than likely receive an update when business resumes as usual in January.


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