Articles - 2021 - 09

CPF Contribution Guide for Employers

27 Sep 2021

Huxley offers a high level of service that meets the ever-changing compliance and regulation standards in Singapore. This blog will support you in understanding the employment requirements in Singapore, to ensure your company is compliant with CPF board Singapore.

Top 10 Fintech Jobs in Singapore

17 Sep 2021

Find out what are the top fintech jobs, booming fintech segments as well as talent needs for fintech companies in Singapore today

GoTo Group Chief Risk Officer shares top tips for mid-career switch

14 Sep 2021

Huxley brings you an addition to our interview series with GoTo’s (known as Gojek and Tokopedia after their merger) Group Chief Risk Officer, Amaresh Mohan who shared about his mid-career switch from the traditional banking industry i.e investment banking, alternative payments, financial risk management, to fintech i.e e-Commerce, ride-hailing, food delivery.