GoTo Group Chief Risk Officer shares top tips for mid-career switch

In our last blog, we shared tips to support job seekers who are either interested or forced to make a mid-career switch from banking jobs to fintech in Singapore. We were pleased that the insights provided were tremendously well-received. As such, we want to bring you an addition to our interview series with GoTo Group (Group consisting of Gojek ,Tokopedia and GoTo Financial) Group Chief Risk Officer, Amaresh Mohan.

Interviewed by our Senior Recruitment Consultant, Niwas Nallasamy, Amaresh shared about his mid-career switch from the traditional banking industry i.e investment banking, alternative payments, financial risk management, to fintech i.e e-Commerce, ride-hailing, food delivery. He also shed light on the unconventional transferrable skills that have supported him in his mid-career switch from the landscape of traditional banking to fintech.


“The financial services and banking landscape has completely changed. It’s not about scale or speed. It’s really both that are needed. And you’ll see a number of banks focusing on their digital initiatives, ventures, and are investing in newer companies. The same goes for what was traditionally alternative payment methods or alternative financial services.” – Amaresh Mohan


Watch the interview below to get the full insights to:

  • Amaresh’s experience in Paypal, Stripe, Gojek and Tokopedia (now GoTo)
  • Difference between Fintech vs Traditional Banks and potential for growth and scale in Singapore
  • Convergence of financial services, on-demand services, e-commerce, payments
  • Evolution of the customer journey
  • Transferable skillsets to have in traditional banks vs fintech
  • Most sought after senior vs junior candidates – not always about the years of experience, but potential of expertise
  • Soft skills to have for fintech vs traditional banks – flexible and open mind to learn and unlearn, a sense of individuality
  • Career advice for job seekers today



About Amaresh Mohan

With decades of risk management experience across financial services and payments, Amaresh brings a wealth of knowledge from different industries and geographies. Having worked in Paypal, Stripe and GoTo, he is well-versed in the evolution of the e-commerce industry as well as the changing demands of consumers, whilst being in the forefront of digital disruption.


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The financial risk and compliance sectors in leading economic hubs like Singapore and Hong Kong are constantly evolving and growing increasingly niche. This means companies have to act fast to put the right people in place and prevent their organisation from being unnecessarily penalised for non-compliance. Huxley’s expert recruitment consultants specialise in hiring for financial risk management and compliance jobs in Singapore. Located in Singapore, Huxley is a renowned full-service recruitment agency that identifies the best talent in the world’s leading financial and tech hubs.

If you are currently working for a traditional bank and may be looking for a mid-career switch to fintech, but still possess doubts or concerns, please reach out to us via the form below indicating your queries.


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