Top Sales and Marketing Courses in Singapore

Upskilling has become a priority to most at the current workplace. Employers may want to train their workforce to acquire new skills, ultimately enabling workers to grow in their current positions and bring added value to the business. For employees, they may feel a desire to stand out from the crowd and stay competitive.

Whether it is taking night classes, short courses, masters programmes or other professional training to achieve this, this is one of the most popular means of enhancing your career path, especially in a competitive and saturated field like sales and marketing.


What are the benefits to upskill?

  • You to meet like-minded professionals and learn from them
  • Job-hop easily with a wider range of skills
  • Stay competitive amongst competitors

We shared the top sales and marketing trends in our previous blog here, find out how you can grow in sales and marketing by registering for top courses and workshops below:


Online Sales Courses

Sales training programs help salespeople learn and improve their selling techniques, skills, and processes. The ultimate goal is improving bottom-line results.

The best go-to platform for sales would be LinkedIn Learning courses.

LinkedIn Learning does not offer any free courses, but they do offer a 1-month free trial which will give you full access to all its 16,000+ expert-led courses and other resources.


Learn more about LinkedIn Learning


Whilst majority have thought that sales certifications are not as important, it enhances your employee’s professional reputation Being certified will also allow them to venture advanced sales certifications that can capitalise on management skills to widen their scope and responsibility, and advance to senior roles.

Alternatively, Huxley Singapore also offers a platform for fresh talent to pursue a career in sales and business development. We equip our employees with trainings at every stage of their careers to ensure that they are pursuing


Online Marketing Courses

Unlike sales, marketing encompasses a wide array of functions from social media, search engine optimisation (SEO), public relations, campaign strategist and so on.

UpGrad is an online education company that provides industry-relevant programs for professionals. The course is taught by faculty from Cambridge Judge Business School as well as industry experts, and all students will receive mentorship from industry professionals of their choice.

Programme Duration: 4 months (4-6 hours weekly)

Curriculum: Learn how to use industry-used tools such as Google Analytics and Hootsuite, the details of SEM and SEO, and try out your newfound skills through simulations. The course also includes 1-1 mentorship sessions (of your choice, with mentors like the Head of Facebook marketing), as well as offline workshops, with industry experts.

Prospects: Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate jointly issued by Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS) and UpGrad. You will also receive entry into an exclusive program alumni group run by CJBS and UpGrad. UpGrad also works with recruiting partners to assist students to forge a career in digital marketing.


Squared Online is (duh) an online course in Digital Marketing that was developed in conjunction with Google, which officially began in 2016. The course makes use of a virtual campus with live lectures conducted once a week, along with individual and group learning. Expect lively discussions and regular guest speakers!

Programme Duration: 5 months, 6-8 hours per week

Curriculum: The course is taught in five modules, one per month, covering things such as data-driven insights as well as consumer behaviour. Do note that this is an advanced level course that needs students to have either 3-4 years of working experience (preferably in marketing or digital) or a university degree.

Prospects: The course has helped both executives and newbies looking to break into digital marketing.


This course is applicable for all individuals who are required to make marketing decisions, and have access to data, including:

  • Marketing executives
  • Advertising professionals
  • Consumer banking professionals
  • Entrepreneurs or Consultants
  • Managers in non-marketing functions who wish to grow into marketing roles.

Programme Duration: 2 days, 18 May - 19 May 2022

Curriculum: A clear understanding of the building blocks that constitute digital marketing

The tools, techniques, and knowledge to develop cohesive market strategies

Prospects: Get to master SEO processes for on-page and off-page optimisation, with the aim to impart an understanding of how to increase inbound traffic and channel it down the digital marketing funnel. Also learn about web analytics to monitor the health of a website vis-à-vis metrics, KPIs and benchmarks, improve its effectiveness in drawing traffic and converting users, and assess the digital marketing mix. You will be able to get a firsthand experience with the Google Analytics platform to monitor, evaluate and enhance business performance.


 Bonus: Free courses

If you are worried of the additional costs that can be incurred in trainings, workshops and courses, Coursera is also a good platform for self-learning and upskilling.

Free courses at Coursera

From top university programmes to workshops and courses led by industry leaders, there is no hard or fast rule to get certified with the latest in-demand skills. If you are a sales and marketing talent looking to upskill for your next role, reach out to our consultants for a chat.


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