Top 10 most in-demand skills for fintech jobs in Singapore

Fintech is one of the world’s fastest growing and in-demand industries. Fintech jobs in Singapore come from companies that boast new technologies and its convergence with financial products and services which have greatly disrupted various niches like payments, credit analysis and even cryptocurrency.

Today’s advancements mostly focus on how to make things more efficient for consumers and companies, such as online payments, contactless transactions, and mobile banking.


What is Fintech?

Fintech is any type of technology designed to improve and automate the use of financial services.


Fintech in Singapore

According to the Global Fintech Rankings 2021, Singapore has taken the top spot in the Asia-Pacific region, edging out countries with larger economies like Australia, China and Japan. At a global level, Singapore ranks 4th, following the US, UK and Israel.

As the fintech industry worldwide is expecting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20% by 2025, Singapore continues to leverage its reputation as a global financial hub to further strengthen its position as a leading centre for fintech.


Are you looking for fintech jobs in Singapore?

If you are looking to break into the fintech market today, here are some popular specialisms where technical skills are in great demand:


Software Development

Software development skills are still very much the number one skill set in demand from our fintech customer base.

User Experience (UX) in particular has become a disruptive driver behind fintech businesses, offering a more customer friendly approach than their more established competitors to take market share. Therefore, software developers with an appreciation for design as well as architecture and development certainly make themselves standout candidates.

Software development skills needed include programming languages such as python, C++, Javascript, CSS and HTML to name a few. To find out more, read our recent article covering the difference in software developer jobs and software engineering jobs in Singapore below:


Software Development vs Software Engineering



Data analytics

As technology disrupts and redefines financial services, it also generates vast amounts of useful data that needs to be scrutinised, analysed and interpreted. For this purpose, knowledge of technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Deep Learning are essential.

Fintech companies cannot afford to simply accumulate data. They’ll also need people who will be able to mine this data, analyse it, and offer recommendations on how to use these data to improve services. Customer data analysis is what will eventually allow fintech companies to stay competitive, and its value cannot be understated.

Fintech jobs in Singapore recruit those with a background in statistics as this is the sort of skill set that is needed when you mine data. Hence, experts who have worked in laboratories are now data scientists in fintech firms – reading data and predicting current and future market trends


Cybersecurity, Anti-Monetary Laundering and Penetration-testing

The explosion of the online financial services industry has created a new breed of cybercriminals. Fintech companies including start-ups are especially vulnerable to threats. Such attacks can lead to information loss, reputation damage, strained business relations, have severe legal consequences and can also affect employee morale.

To cope with these attacks, firms have to bear a 30% year-on-year increase in the average number of security breaches in organisations. As cyber-attacks get more sophisticated, especially on more advanced financial platforms, the demand for specialist cybersecurity professionals is steadily increasing.

This includes jobs in IT security and vulnerability management — roles that seek to ensure financial services and its transactions take place in a secure environment.

Fintech companies are looking for skills in incident investigation and response-ability, governance, risk management and compliance (GRC), digital communication technologies, encryption methods and analytical skills. These candidates must be trained in security operations management, virtualisation, data administration and management, and must possess communication as well as platform/technology-specific skills.



As businesses continue to expand their technology horizons, the need and demand to automate processes continue to grow. As a result, demand for DevOps and skilled talent in this space has been high. In line with the increase in useful data, the need to automate and process these information meant that businesses have to move towards a DevOps mentality to increase efficiency and shorten the traditional software development lifecycle.


Blockchain technology

The rising demand for Blockchain experts can be directly tied to the explosion of the cryptocurrency industry. Over the past decade, the exponential increase in the value of digital currencies like Bitcoin, have disrupted the core banking industry. As the underlying technology, Blockchain uses a single, shared consensus and ‘ledger’-based system of transactions to enable the lending, moving, trading, and reconciling of money across the world.


Soft Skills

Fintech jobs in Singapore are also looking for professionals with a great portfolio of soft skills to achieve long-term success in this industry. Fintech companies are set to be the biggest employers of new CFOs and CEOs, who will now need to have a deep understanding of information technology at all levels, as well as having the essential soft skills required to manage teams with various personalities and be great decision makers. These soft skills include but not limited to:

  • People Skills

The fast-moving nature of fintech means that skilled employees who possess high emotional skills are more likely to succeed than those who only have technical skills. Other critical people skills for this industry include the ability to collaborate effectively with others, work efficiently in teams, build relationships, share ideas and manage conflict.

  • Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills

The Fintech industry faces a host of technological and legal challenges as well as unexpected events. Fintech companies are looking for professionals who possess analytical and critical thinking skills that can help them find creative solutions to such problems.

  • Agility and Flexibility

Fintech jobs in Singapore need professionals to be adaptable to effectively deal with the rapid changes occurring in the industry. They cannot afford to be bogged down by traditional practices, because what has worked in the past may not work in the future. Resistance to change can often be a career-killer. Agility on the other hand is highly valued within fintech companies.


Fintech jobs in Singapore are growing, but we are lacking fintech talent

Fintech professionals continue to be vital to business growth and results. But how can fintech companies attract, develop, and retain talent for the future?

There is an accelerating demand for talent with specialised skillsets across financial services sectors as well as technology. Remote working, driven further by the pandemic, has led to an opportunity to gain access to more specialised skillsets and/or affordable skills available beyond borders.

There is also opportunity to enhance the entrepreneurial mindset of Singaporeans which includes risk-taking, adaptability and agility in addition to the current efforts to develop technical skills.

If you are looking for talent for your next project, or if you are a specialist who is interested in pursuing a career within fintech, contact us via the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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