Huxley to attend Singapore Fintech Festival 2018

Oct 2018

This year, attendees can expect a series of exciting events including conferences led by industry experts, exhibitions, hackathons and award ceremonies.

Recruitment series – Making hiring decisions: when to say yes?

Oct 2018

Find out what are the top 5 best practices you can make in a skills-short market like Singapore

How effectively is Singapore tackling its tech talent crunch?

Sep 2018

While the banking sector may not be a pioneer in digital innovation, we are in the midst of experiencing a reshaping of the industry as technology drives this change. This is especially so in Singapore, from the emergence of new digital payment services to robotics and artificial intelligence.

Survey findings – The landscape of the financial and technology industry in Singapore

Aug 2018

As Singapore strives to continue as the financial and technology hub for Asia, its financial and tech sectors would need to continue to outpace the growth in its overall economy.

It’s all about data science: the top skills required to excel in AI

Aug 2018

Data science is the cornerstone of AI. Learn about the top skills required to excel in AI today, from Python to machine learning.

How we place our employees at the heart of everything we do

Aug 2018

Life as a recruiter is extremely purposeful and hugely rewarding. At Huxley, we ensure that this is especially so. As a recruitment consultant, you impact people’s lives by finding them new opportunities and helping them take the next step in their career.

The 4 best and free websites to learn Python

Aug 2018

Huxley’s guide to the 4 best and free websites to learn Python. Expand your knowledge and learn to code Python with this quick overview.

Recruitment series — Interview Dos & Don'ts

Aug 2018

Interviews can often be a tricky process. It is the chance where an interviewer gets to pitch about the company but also leverage on the ability to provide a positive experience for the candidate whether they potentially clinch the job or not.

Impact of COVID-19 on the wider economy

15 May 2020

Ronny Grosman Owner & MD of Blackwood Capital Group, Andrew Quah MD of Cresco Group shared with us what the economic impact has been, and what other areas would be impacted, along with some long-terms perspective over a webinar moderated by our Associate Business Manager, Yik Jia Hao on “The impact on our wider economy over the next 18 months?”

What is ‘Business New Usual’ and the impact of Artificial Intelligence?

21 May 2020

We invited two well-esteemed guest speakers – Mark Dorman, our very own CEO of SThree, as well as Joel Bar-El, CEO of Trax Retail – to discuss the measures and impact on general businesses from COVID-19 as well as the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) over a virtual webinar. Moderated by our Sales Director of SEA, Alena Salakhova, the session covered valuable insights and answered many questions around AI and the impact on various industries such as Healthcare and Recruitment.

Front Office Banking Trends for 2020

12 Jun 2020

We spoke to our expert, Yik Jia Hao, Associate Business Manager of Huxley Singapore who shared his experience in the field, and his outlook of trends which are expected to evolve in the coming years.

7 Priorities for Managers to Transition Teams to Work Remotely

16 Apr 2020

While remote working is not a new concept, there are a significant number of companies now trying to implement it for the first time. Managers will play a critical role in helping their employees transition well.