How has cybersecurity strategies within banking been transformed by AI?

May 2018

Cyberattacks have evolved to become more pernicious and strategies need to evolve in a more sophisticated manner to cope with these attacks. This is particularly important within the financial sector where the stakes are higher with frauds, money laundering, and ransomware.

What are some banking and financial trends to look out for in 2018?

May 2018

Lauded for a highly innovative banking sector, Singapore’s financial sector is only going to continue progressing even more quickly. This is especially with technology. What are some of the key areas and its relevant trends we need to take note of this 2018?

How your working environment impacts the way you work

May 2018

When it comes to enjoying your job, it’s important to find the right working environment for you.

How are cryptocurrencies going to affect the banking landscape?

May 2018

With new cryptocurrencies frequently being introduced, questions are being raised about the impact this will have on banks. Will they be forced to adapt their services? Will they create their own cryptocurrency? And, if banks are impacted, what will this mean for their customers?

How robotics can impact employment

May 2018

Industry 4.0 is revolutionising all aspects of employment as we know it. With cyber physical systems becoming increasing popular, we’re seeing a profound impact on the functionality of many businesses.

Will recruitment be taken over by technology?

May 2018

Technology has been monumental in shaping the means of operations across various industries including recruitment. New and advanced technologies today are equipping recruiters with the tools to effectively and productively carry out resourcing, profiling and even interviewing.

Disruption in Finance: How are Banks, Fintechs and Tech Giants battling it out?

Apr 2018

Banks in the financial services industry are in the midst of ramping up their digitisation efforts, in a bid to stay relevant to its customers. Facing stiff competition from fintechs and tech giants, digitisation initiatives aim to enhance a traditional bank’s ability to compete against disruptive start-up rivals.

How is project and change management evolving this 2018?

Apr 2018

Project and change management have been constantly evolving to ensure the highest possible success rates for organisations in achieving strategic objectives. Project management involves the use of people, processes and methodologies to plan, initiate, execute, and monitor activities.

Front Office Banking Trends for 2020

12 Jun 2020

We spoke to our expert, Yik Jia Hao, Associate Business Manager of Huxley Singapore who shared his experience in the field, and his outlook of trends which are expected to evolve in the coming years.

Top 10 Tech Jobs in Demand

16 Apr 2020

Hundreds of employees across the globe are more reliant on technology and networks more than ever due to the massive surge of remote working. We sat down with Mark O’Halloran, Senior Business Manager of Huxley Singapore who shared about the current hiring climate across Asia-Pacific countries like Singapore and Hong Kong.

Top tips if you have been impacted by COVID-19

11 May 2020

In light of the pandemic, we ran a virtual webinar “Have You Been Impacted?” where our expert consultants – Sharlyn Soh, Delfina Tan and See Xuan Bin – shed some light on trends within their markets to support you.


What is ‘Business New Usual’ and the impact of Artificial Intelligence?

21 May 2020

We invited two well-esteemed guest speakers – Mark Dorman, our very own CEO of SThree, as well as Joel Bar-El, CEO of Trax Retail – to discuss the measures and impact on general businesses from COVID-19 as well as the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) over a virtual webinar. Moderated by our Sales Director of SEA, Alena Salakhova, the session covered valuable insights and answered many questions around AI and the impact on various industries such as Healthcare and Recruitment.