In what areas should BA and PMs in banking gear themselves up for this 2018?

Apr 2018

It is key for BAs and PMs to equip themselves with the relevant skills that are high in demand with the current market. Listed below are some of the top skills in demand this 2018.

What does shopping on-the-go and big data have in common?

Apr 2018

The evolution of technology has without a doubt, altered the way in which many lead their lives. This includes the way we carry out our daily routines to the way we foster relationships.

Singapore banks ranked safest in Asia, but can they maintain their status?

Apr 2018

Cyber risk is still the least known of all major risks that banks face. As traditional banks are generally more risk adverse, the framework to track, manage and mitigate these risks are hence not as well developed as it should be.

How is Singapore developing their next generation of Fintech leaders?

Apr 2018

Although Singapore has built an ecosystem to grow as a Fintech hub, the city-state needs to create a pipeline of talent that would be able to sustain this growth.

Contract hiring trends in banking continue to flourish with rising gig economy

Apr 2018

An increased number of Singaporeans are beginning to embrace the benefits of contractual employment within the financial sector and banks on the other hand, are catering to these changing preferences.

Why did software engineers choose Singapore as their preferred destination for a contractual role in Asia?

Apr 2018

With Singapore’s Smart Nation Vision, the country is in a competitive position within the talent race for technology.

How are banks and start-ups pushing forth their blockchain strategy?

Apr 2018

As businesses break through geographical barriers and are more connected than ever, there is much opportunity for banks to work collaboratively with fintech and blockchain start-ups who are ahead of the game.

Fostering a community for Women in STEM this International Women’s Day 2018

Apr 2018

International Women’s Day (IWD) was commemorated across the globe last Thursday, 8th of March 2018. As Singapore continues to present opportunities for women in finance, science and engineering, it has resulted in a growing proportion of females in these fields.

Top 5 tips for successful virtual job interviews

06 Apr 2020

Preparing for a virtual job interview can bring with it uncertainty. We've put together 5 top tips to ensure you feel as prepared a s possible.


Soft skills that are in demand with new ways of working

21 Apr 2020

As we adjust to working remotely and new ways of working, there are certain soft skills which are suddenly seeing a large spike in demand.

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Supporting our contractors amidst COVID-19

29 May 2020

In light of adapting to a new normal, many contractors have shared with us their challenges during this period of time.

Tips to work from home with kids

16 Apr 2020

Even if you're used to regularly working from home, doing so alongside your children can be difficult. Read on to find out about some simple tips that can help!