How will Open APIs impact the banking industry?

Mar 2018

With changing regulatory mandates, open banking has been gaining significant momentum across the globe and Singapore is no exception.

As the start-up scene in Singapore continues to flourish, how many are actually succeeding?

Mar 2018

What are the determining factors that motivate locals and overseas start-ups alike to kick-start a business in Singapore?

Singapore has been ranked 7th most innovative country in the world but are we prepared for it?

Mar 2018

What are the ongoing strategies that Singapore need to continue in its attempt to not only tackle the macro problems, but maintain its position as a nation of limitless innovation?

Will Singapore’s strong emphasis on security be sufficient to safeguard the public’s cyber safety?

Mar 2018

Although Singapore have not been directly affected by the plethora of cyber attacks that had impacted the globe through 2017, it still needs to remain on high alert.

How is Artificial Intelligence changing the landscape of contractual jobs?

Mar 2018

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in various sectors of the workforce has spurred much buzz around the nature and security of jobs today.

Biometrics in banking and finance; what this means for your organisation’s security

Jan 2018

Biometrics is likely to significantly change the infrastructure the banking and finance industry.

The future of HR – what does it look like?

Dec 2017

Read about The future of HR – what does it look like? from Huxley UK&I

The use of AI in banking

Dec 2017

Over recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has become more commonly used across a wide range of industries. Interestingly, banking appeared to be slightly slower to adapt to using it.

7 Priorities for Managers to Transition Teams to Work Remotely

16 Apr 2020

While remote working is not a new concept, there are a significant number of companies now trying to implement it for the first time. Managers will play a critical role in helping their employees transition well.

Will digital onboarding become the new norm?

02 Apr 2020

How can a new starter in the business function without direct personal contact with the new company? We have compiled the most important tips for you in the following article.


What type of Cyber Experts are growing in demand in Singapore?

19 May 2020

We spoke to Delfina Tan, Senior Recruitment Consultant from Huxley Singapore who shared with us what cyber talents need to look out for today.

Tips to work from home with kids

16 Apr 2020

Even if you're used to regularly working from home, doing so alongside your children can be difficult. Read on to find out about some simple tips that can help!