Huxley APAC ends 2018 on a high note by winning Best Banking & Finance Recruitment Company of the Year

Dec 2018

We would like to show our appreciation to the team and extend this gratitude to all our clients and candidates. Thank you for making this journey a success and we are very excited for our continued partnership.

Are there more challenges or opportunities around the new MAS 610?

Dec 2018

Recognised as the regional financial hub of Asia Pacific (APAC), Singapore has consistently been paving the way to ensure its financial sector is not only robust but highly adaptable to emerging trends.

How is tech transformation within digital finance impacting the gig economy?

Dec 2018

The contractual market has witnessed a surge in demand since they are hired on a project basis and is easier to justify in terms of costs and approvals. How is tech impacting the economy?

Big banks going virtual – what’s in it for Singapore?

Dec 2018

What are a few latest initiatives that are currently undertaken by our banks in region? And are there any potential risks to be aware of?

Singapore vs Hong Kong – competition or collaboration?

Dec 2018

With the similarities as well as differences both countries may have, how can this potentially pave the way for banking tech in Asia?

8 Questions you can expect at your next Developer interview - and how to answer them!

Oct 2018

At Huxley, we recruit for developers across IT, engineering, and banking and finance industries. We decided to offer some bespoke interview advice for developers!

5 tips to improve your work-life balance

Oct 2018

Take a look at five things you could do to make sure you’re achieving a healthy work-life balance.

Are tech companies actually embracing diversity?

Oct 2018

Is the persistence of the gender gap within tech highlighting a possible lack of effectiveness in current diversity strategies?

Top 10 Tech Jobs in Demand

16 Apr 2020

Hundreds of employees across the globe are more reliant on technology and networks more than ever due to the massive surge of remote working. We sat down with Mark O’Halloran, Senior Business Manager of Huxley Singapore who shared about the current hiring climate across Asia-Pacific countries like Singapore and Hong Kong.

What type of Cyber Experts are growing in demand in Singapore?

19 May 2020

We spoke to Delfina Tan, Senior Recruitment Consultant from Huxley Singapore who shared with us what cyber talents need to look out for today.

How to stay connected while socially distant?

26 Mar 2020

Communication plays a big part in our lives as it is a human need and a fundamental social necessity. So how do we stay connected while practicing the art of social distancing? We’ve put together this short piece on some top tips to implement to keep teams connected.


Are last drawn salaries essential in hiring?

17 Jul 2020

Are last drawn salaries or payslips essential in hiring? Our team in Singapore hosted a virtual roundtable with Human Resources (HR) experts across various industries to share their opinion, moderated by our Regional Sales Director (South East Asia), Alena Salakhova, and Sales Team Manager of Huxley Singapore, Jeremy Tan.