Contract Options

Our dedicated consultants take a systematic approach to ensure your contract is easy to understand and there is a smooth transition into your new work environment. If you accept an assignment, our Contractor Care team will get in touch to provide access to the online time management system, go through the onboarding process, explain how to use the system, and answer any questions.

As a Contractor with Huxley, you’ll have the choice of two contract methods:

1. Enter into an agreement with one of our approved 'umbrella companies'.
2. Set yourself up as a UK limited company and ensure you’re listed as the Director and are in sole financial control of the company.

By joining an umbrella company, you’re essentially taken on as an employee where you can gain employment rights and minimise your administrative tasks. This is ideal for those who work on short-term projects or on a series of short assignments and incur business expenses during their work.

Following an in-depth compliance and customer service review process, we have selected the companies listed below as our approved umbrella company suppliers. All of our umbrella approved supplier companies have preferred payment terms including payment within 7 days of an invoice being raised.

Alternatively, you can contract or freelance via your own UK Limited Company. This offers greater flexibility and additional tax benefits but means you take greater responsibility for your accounts. If you are trading as a UK Limited Company, invoices raised against an approved timesheet will be paid to 28-day payment terms.

Our approved umbrella supplier companies are listed below and can help with both contract options. 

Orange Genie
T: 01296 468 483
E: [email protected]

T: 0800 197 6516
E: [email protected]
T: 0800 121 6513
E: [email protected]

T: 0800 230 0213
[email protected]

Mango Pay
T: 03300580 190