Flexibility versus Hybrid Way of Working

28th May 2021, Friday

12pm – 1pm SGT

Hybrid working has become a hot topic and there has been multiple discussions around a hybrid work model versus flexible work model.

Join us in a virtual session where we will be inviting professionals from the financial services & life science space to join our recruiters in sharing their opinions and how their companies are adapting to these new ways of working.

Topics that we will be discussing include:

  • Evident market trends of an increased number of returning-to-work mothers, those who were on sabbatical leave or those who may have been forced to opt for a career switch due to various reasons such as covid-19
  • Demand for contractual employment over the last 12 months
  • Workplace transformation due to the rise of the gig economy
  • Defining flexibility in the workplace and what are the different types of flexibility
  • How flexibility has evolved which leads to hybrid working
  • What does this mean for employees?

We have limited capacity so don't forget to RSVP today.