Supporting our Contractors Part 2 – Virtual Quiz

26th June, Friday

5pm – 6pm SGT

In order to continue staying connected with our contractors, we have organised a Virtual Quiz that can hopefully bring some fun to you on a Friday. We’ve heard all of your feedback and hope that this can help to increase engagement with your team at work, and with us at SThree.

There will also be a prize for the winning team! A reward of $200 to be donated to a charity of your choice.

Don’t forget to RSVP with the form on the right as details of the event will be shared with you nearer the date of the event.  

Did you miss part 1?

We also understand that not everyone was able to attend Part 1 of Support our Contractors series which was a webinar that covered the job market, insights into the industry and survey results which many of you have contributed to. As such, we've recorded the session, and put together a summary of main points in the article ‘Supporting Our Contractors amidst COVID-19here.

Prior to this webinar, we also hosted a session which we thought you might find insightful as it came up as one of the questions during the contractor session we had – The impact on our wider economy over the next 18 months?’. You can find both the article and the presentation from our event by clicking here.