Business and Operation Controller

場所: Tokyo 23 wards, Japan
給与: ¥8000000 - ¥11000000 per annum + competitive
ジョブタイプ: コントロール
雇用形態: 正社員



Oversees the business and financial operations and shares responsibility for the organization's economic and financial performance. BOC performs financial analysis, develop financial/operational plan, design operational processes and lead/implement overall plans.

Works as partner with Managing Director and Finance Director, and plays a key role in supporting them.


  • Advise Financial and Executive Departments
  • Collaborate with senior managements for budget Creation
  • Perform Financial/Operational Analysis
  • Report Financial Findings
  • Lead/Co-ordinate Projects
  • Compliance
  • General Affairs

<Rewards & Benefits>

  • Salary Package -11MIL JPY
  • Salary Revision: once a year
  • Paid Leave:ten days〜twenty days (max 40days)
  • Holiday: Saturday and Sunday(the five-day week)
  • Leave: National Holiday, Year-end and New Year Holiday, Summer(Two days),Special leave
  • Retirement Allowance: Company Pension (401K)
  • Other Welfare: Long term disability insurance (Income Compensation)
  • Group term Life Insurance


  • ビジネスコントローラーや財務分析の経験
  • 多部門間でのクロスファンクショナルなプロジェクト経験をお持ちの方、多国籍企業経験あれば尚可
  • ビジネスLV以上の英語力および日本語力必須
  • 課員のマネジメントや業務指導スーパーバイズ経験尚可


  • 課員のマネジメントや業務指導スーパーバイズ経験尚可
  • System、IT関連の知識、SAPに関する知識・経験
  • Staffマネジメントやスーパーバイズの経験をお持ちの方

KEY WORD: Business partner, Commercial, FPA

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