DONDERDAG 14 MEI VAN 11:00 TOT 12:00 uur

Volg onze 45 minuten durende sessie, gevolgd door een 15 minuten durende interactieve Q&A. 

LET OP:  het webinar is Engelstalig


Early estimates predicted that should the virus become a global pandemic, most major economies will lose at least 2.4 percent of the value of their Gross Domestic Product over 2020. But since COVID-19 became a pandemic, global stock markets have suffered dramatic falls.

COVID-19 is driving market volatility and changes in asset valuation on a daily basis. It may also change how investment managers run their investment operations. Even investment managers with long investment time horizons occasionally need to feed their investment decision processes with information that is refreshed faster than the timing of their standard process. Priorities are now shifting towards longer-term issues such as modernizing the investment decision process.

As such, we have invited Ronny Grosman, Owner & MD of Blackwood Capital Group and Andrew Quah, MD of Cresco Invest to share with us the impact on the economy as well as what the next six to 18 months will look.