DONDERDAG 20 MEI VAN 10:00 TOT 11:00 uur

Volg onze 45 minuten durende sessie, gevolgd door een 15 minuten durende interactieve Q&A. 

LET OP:  het webinar is Engelstalig


From a global survey conducted by Mercer, 30% of companies did not have a Business Continuity Plan previously and only 26% of companies experienced minimum impact as employees are able to work from home – this has shown how the general workforce has not been prepared for this crisis. 

As many companies start to evolve in their business new usual, Huxley is still witnessing many of our clients having similar challenges such as finding it hard to adjust, motivate and engage their team. And more importantly - sustaining the business externally.

As such, we have invited Joel Bar-El from Trax Technology Solutions and our very own CEO, Mark Dorman to share about the measures and impact on general businesses but more importantly, how businesses can be empowered internally and sustain viability externally, especially with the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Huxley is part of the larger SThree group