The continued recovery of the global banking industry has resulted in an ever-increasing demand for top talent. Yet there are many complex challenges facing the Banking and Capital Markets sector.

The Retail and Corporate Banking sector is facing the biggest period of change in modern times. Banks are under pressure to increase sustainable returns, lower prices, reduce credit risk and provide better protection to customers.

With significant growth across the Financial Services sector, fuelled by a growing recovery, resurging housing markets and increasing consumer confidence and spending, the demand for talent is reaching record levels.

Like other parts of the Financial sector, the Insurance industry is emerging from the financial crisis and a prolonged period of economic uncertainty.

Commodity prices and trends are based on supply and demand. Knowing how commodities are sourced and understanding the scope and scale of their markets is key to successful commodity trading as it reduces the risk involved.

Demand for accountancy and consulting professionals continues to grow to unprecedented levels. This has been fuelled by global economic and sector growth as well as an increasingly complex commercial and legislative landscape.